Given how moody Milly was for most of the day yesterday, I was really expecting a tough day today.  I was pleasantly surprised though, because not only was Milly good, but she was also a lot of fun.  She was still asleep, curled up with her butt in the air and her face pressed against a blanket, when I went to get her up.  She woke up happy, drank a full six ounces of formula, ate almost a full container of baby food and then stayed happy for a while.  I had piled some clean clothes on the loveseat, which she is now able to quickly and easily pull herself up to stand against, and for some reason she thought the clothes were very funny.

So not only was Milly happy, she was playful and very interactive, but then when I started working she even kept herself entertained.  She did start to get clingy around 10:00, but that’s about the time she usually goes down for a nap anyway.  She didn’t protest that very much and stayed down until her mama (who got home a few minutes early today) got her up.

All that allowed me a lot of time for work today, although I hit a snag on something that shouldn’t have really taken too long.  Because of that I ended up working until almost 8:00 tonight, but I did get a lot done after my normal working hours.

At 8:00 I helped Amanda get Milly ready for bed.  She decided to add something to the bedtime routine, which is to read to Milly every night.  We’ve been bad about consistently reading to her, so I’m glad Amanda brought up doing it.

A year ago I was on Costa Rica.

Zach Dotsey