Not too eventful a day today.  Milly was fussing really early off and on this morning, but she finally quieted down and went back to sleep about ten minutes before 8, so I let her sleep in just a little and got her up at about ten after.  She was pretty good during the time she was up, but she got fussy right at 9:30 so back down she went for a bit.

I was pretty busy this morning, plus I had to run out for a bit in the early afternoon.  I got a good bit done, but I’ve got things to do still.  I’ve also got a meeting lined up for tomorrow.

This evening Amanda and I watched what the DVR said was a two-hour long Law & Order: SVU, but actually turned out to be two separate episodes.  It was just odd that it was listed that way, because normally even if two new episodes of a show come on back-to-back it’s still listed as two different shows.  Whatevs.

I got to thinking today and realized that one year ago today I was in Costa Rica, surfing.  I looked up my entry for that day and saw that a year ago was actually the day that we rescued a family who had gone swimming in the ocean and got caught up in a rip current.  Good times.  I often think about Costa Rica and would love to go back.

I was just watching Louisville and Cincinnati playing a game in the Big East tournament.  Louisville lead the whole game until the very end when the Bearcats came back and stole the game from them.  The ACC tourney starts tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it.

Zach Dotsey