Since we finished a series on Romans last week we made tonight a social night.  The new couple wasn’t able to make it as they were at aq debate on the UNCW campus, but everybody else was there.  We hung out, ate dinner and did a lot of talking.  Some of it was to discuss what to do next in the group, but mostly we were just hanging out, babies and all.  We had a good time and didn’t realize what time it was until nearly 10:30.  No, I don’t usually go to bed that early, but it’s pretty late for small group time.

The rest of my day went alright.  Milly decided to wake up early again, but Amanda got her to go back to sleep.  She woke up early from her first nap of the day too.  Usually she sleeps until about noon, but she woke up at about 11:00 today.  Kevin Millard had stopped by to discuss some things with his website and she was being clingy while he was here.  I told her that he’s Maggie’s daddy and that she’d need to get used to him, but for some reason Milly isn’t a big fan of Kevin.  And that’s odd, because Kevin Millard is one of the most personable people I’ve ever met.

The rest of the day was mostly spent on phone calls and follow ups.

I’m really tired tonight.  Think it’s time for bed.

Zach Dotsey