Amanda got Milly dressed up all pretty in a new green dress and we headed over to the Warkentiens’ for Eli’s first birthday party.  We met Nick’s parents and a few people from their small group.  Just about everyone brought babies.  Milly had a couple of firsts tonight, too.  She ate her first macaroni and cheese, making less of a mess than I’d have bet given that she was using her hands, and she had her first cantaloupe.  Missy Boneske was feeding some to Dakota and asked if Milly would like to try some.  Usually she’ll make a face when she tries something new, but that wasn’t the case with the cantaloupe.

Anyway, we had a good time hanging out with everyone and really liked seeing Milly hang out with all the other babies.  Not that they’re interacting a whole lot yet, but they’re starting to.

I was supposed to pick up my paycheck yesterday, but I forgot about it, Scott forgot about it and the place where I pick up my check forgot about it.  A perfect storm of forgetfulness.  Anyway, Scott remembered last night so I went out to pick it up after Amanda got home from work then went to Kevin’s to hash out some things for his new website.  It should be a nice one.  They put a lot of thought into it, got feedback and listened to my suggestions, where I had them.

In basketball news, Butler upset Syracuse, leaving just two #1 seeds in the tournament.  As I type, Kentucky is murdering Cornell, which isn’t a huge surprise given that they’re a 12-seeded Ivy League Cinderella team.  They ended the half on a 30-2 run and Cornell only scored 16 points in the first half.  Kansas State, a 2 seed, is playing a close game with Xavier, a 6.

With the exception of one team, I’m rooting for all the higher seeds.  Obviously you can’t take anything for granted, but there’s only one team that I feel would be a huge hurdle for my Blue Devils right now, although I don’t think that team has played a team that plays defense like Duke does this year.  Who knows- the matchup might not even happen, but if it does I will feel nervous leading up to it.  And whatever the outcome of that game, should it happen, I’m sure my dad will let me know his thoughts on it.

I’m typing this on the old HP laptop.  It’s funny how quickly one can become accustomed to a different keyboard.  The newer Toshiba laptop is considerably wider and includes a number pad, so the spacing of the keys is much different.  It seemed like it took me a while to get used to that one, but now this one feels odd to me.

Zach Dotsey