Kick-Ass MovieMy brother mentioned wanting to go see the movie Kick-Ass the other day, and after church today he texted me the movie times, so we met up this afternoon and went to see it.  We both really liked it.  I had read the comic it was based on and Adam had read the first few issues.  There were some pretty noticeable differences, but there was nothing that made me dislike the movie because of it.  One of the major things is that in the movie the main character, Dave, gets the girl, whereas in the comic he got pretty badly dissed.  It makes sense because it’s a Hollywood movie.

Where the movie was a little softer in some ways (and when I said before that he got dissed by the girl, I really mean it- I was wondering if they’d put that in a movie), it was also over-the-top with the violence, living up to one of the things that made the comic so much fun.  It was ridiculously dark but also funny at the same time.

I think people, by which I mean the general public, just don’t know what to do with a movie where ordinary people decide to put on costumes and fight crime.  It looks like a superhero movie, but it also looks like a comedy.  Then again, the title is Kick-Ass and it’s rated R.  So what are people to make of all that?  Well, it’s gotten very good reviews overall (76% on Rotten Tomatoes last time I checked), which helped me overcome most of the skepticism I had, and I’m glad I did because it was a fun and, at times, surprisingly touching movie to watch.

There wasn’t a whole lot else going on yesterday.  Milly was really good at Grow Zone.  When I went to pick her up she and a couple other babies were holding themselves up against the baby gate.  It was adorable, like a litter of puppies in a box.

Amanda spent most of the day winding down from yesterday.  She did have a bit of a scare though.  I got a call from her right after I pulled into a parking spot at Mayfaire Cinemas letting me know that Milly was bleeding from her mouth and Amanda couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  She said she had blood around her mouth and on her hands, bright red blood.  She didn’t know if Milly had swallowed something and was bleeding from inside or what, but whatever the deal was it didn’t seem to be bothering the baby.  After a minute Amanda found out that it was from inside her lip.  We’re guessing she bit her lip or in some way cut herself with her teeth.  They are sharp, those little things.

We went for a walk late this afternoon, hitting all the streets in our little neighborhood.  Milly babbled from her little pink stroller most of the time that we were out.  Before heading back into our house we stopped by to see Bonnie and Dave, since Bonnie in particular hadn’t seen Milly in some time.

Zach Dotsey