This afternoon, after Amanda and I had watched Friday Night Lights (which included a very real and touching scene between Matt and Julie) and The Soup on the DVR, Amanda called the Frazelle house to tell see if they’d gone to church yet because Hannah had been mentioned in today’s message.  Barry told Amanda there were some waves and that I should come on out, so we all (Amanda, Milly and I) headed on over to Wrightsville Beach.

Barry and I had a good time surfing.  It was small but clean, and not very crowded.  Some nice set waves came in from time to time and I got to really work on my turning today.  There were some nice little drops and we had a really good time out in the water.

Inside, Milly apparently was eating just about the whole time we were out surfing.  She ate a whole banana and some ice cream.  Amanda told me that Milly had also choked on a Goldfish, but I didn’t realize how serious it was until she was telling me more later.  It seems that Milly had put a Goldfish in her mouth, something she’s been eating for months now, and then yawned.  When she yawned the Goldfish got sucked into her throat and Amanda said she coughed once, but then she just looked at Amanda with her mouth open and couldn’t make any noise.  Amanda tried hitting Milly’s back, but that didn’t do it.  Then our baby started to turn blue.  Amanda panicked and reached into Milly’s mouth without thinking.  She could feel the offending Goldfish, and sticking her finger down there apparently caused Milly to puke.  Milly cried for a minute but was just fine.  Amanda said that she, Hannah and Kirsten, who were all in the room at the time, we shaking afterwards.

Of course, we know that sticking a finger down a baby’s throat could lodge whatever’s choking her into her throat even more, and I’ve since looked up the proper techniques for helping a choking baby.  You can find all kinds of information on that here.

Amanda opened up a bit more about how scared she was later this evening.  She said she just kept seeing Milly looking at her with her mouth open, unable to breathe.  It really is horrifying to think how badly the whole thing could have gone, and just one day before Milly’s first birthday.  I thought about how awful it would be to come in from being out in the water to hear such bad news.  Milly’s been eating food for so long that we just sort of take it for granted.  The scary thing is that Amanda said Milly wasn’t making any noises during the whole thing.  If she’d been in another room she’d have heard one cough and that was it- nothing that would have raised any suspicion of something bad going on.

The rest of the day was much less eventful than that non-event.  We went to church this morning where a new series talking about future generations was started.  Really got me thinking about being more intentional with any plans we have for Milly.

They didn’t have the cruisers room in Grow Zone today for whatever reason, so Milly was put with the immobile babies.  When I went to pick her up she saw me at the door and signed “please”.  That just melted my heart.

After church we were going to go grab breakfast with David and Oxana, but Milly was letting us know it was nap time for sure, so we suggested Sweet & Savory to them and they found it on their GPS.  I talked to David later and he said the food was good but they had to wait forever for it.

After we got back from Wrightsville Beach (where the beginning of today’s story started) Milly and I both took naps, although we took them separately.  She’s not one to nap easily outside of a confined area, like a crib or a car seat.  I napped for a good long while, even after Amanda got Milly up to feed her.

Amanda and Milly played downstairs, including a game of catch (or “roll the ball”) in the hallway with the two new rubber balls Milly got for her birthday.  Amanda later told me that after today’s episode she was wanting to give Milly some extra-special attention.  I played with her a good bit once I finally got up, too.  Part of it, I’d say, was that Milly woke up and cried for about 45 minutes last night.  I finally changed her diaper and put her back down to sleep which seemed to do the job at first, although she did cry a few times here and there for a little while after that.  I was actually already awake before she started crying in the first place though.

Since tomorrow is Milly’s actual birthday, I’m hoping work is not at all busy.  I told Amanda I was planning on working as little as possible tomorrow so I could spend time with Milly and she got jealous.  She’s going to see if she can work a half-day tomorrow and take her full day later in the week so we can all go to the park or something as a family tomorrow.  That’ll be really nice.

Zach Dotsey