Bernie, Alex, Harper and Hank came by again this morning, but they left around noon.  We were in the middle of introducing Alex to Puerto Rico.  Renee took over for him and ended up tied with me for third.  We had the same number of points and money.  Amanda won and is unbeaten in the state of Kentucky.

Zach, Amanda and Milly Dotsey with Andra, Jackson (pouting) and Addison Sawyer in front of one of Lexington, KY's Painted Ponies Mom took me, Amanda, Milly, Andra, Erin, Jackson and Addison out to get a creme horn from Magee’s, but they weren’t open today, much to my dismay.  We ended up going to Starbucks instead.  In part, Amanda and I wanted to get a picture with one of Lexington’s Painted Ponies.  There’s one inside Magee’s, but we knew there was one in front of Starbuck’s too.

Back and Baba’s, a few people came over.  Mary Joe Quinn stopped by for a bit. Charlie Bowsher had come by before we left for Magee’s and talked with me about some website ideas he has.  Pat and Peggy Paine came over too.  Peggy told us the story of being run down by a motorcycle in downtown Lexington two nights before.  The guy even yelled at her for stepping out in front of him, but witnesses said the guy definitely swerved at her.  Maybe they were just being idiots trying to scare her and didn’t have the control they thought they had over their bikes, but either way, what gall!  She was okay though.  Bruised, but okay.

Roger and Zach Dotsey Later in the evening Roger and Shelby came by with their respective significant others.  I already liked Andrew when we met him on Friday, but this was the first time we got to meet Sarah, Roger’s fiancee.  We talked Scrubs and David Grey, so I feel that Roger has done well for himself.  And if they’re like the other couple I know comprised of a teacher and a dentist, they should do alright together.

After everyone cleared out, Andra, Josh, Erin, Amanda and I played a game Andra and Josh brought, called Loaded Questions.  It’s a game where someone asks a question from a card and everyone writes down their answer, then the person who asked the question has to guess who wrote what answer.  We got a little silly and actually woke Baba up.  Felt bad about that, but we had a lot of fun with it.  One common answer towards the end was “herpes and extra cheese”.

Zach Dotsey