Amanda and I were originally planning on coming back to Wilmington today, but things were a little up in the air and the rest of my family left Tuesday, so we did, too.  Amanda has the whole week off and I had said I’d be out until tomorrow.  I decided to do a little work just so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed tomorrow, but there was so much to do that I ended up working all day anyway.

I did take a small break to go pick up my new iPhone 4, which came in today.  I saw an email about it before I got a call about it, so that was exciting.  There weren’t many cases in stock so I stopped by Best Buy on the way home to pick one up for it.  They didn’t have much in stock either, so I picked up a silicon one.  I like the silicon better than the plastic because they seem to absorb more shock and keep it from slipping as much.

We also got word that my replacement wedding ring had come in earlier than expected, but we decided to pick it up tomorrow after talking to Amanda’s grandparents, who will be in town and always like to meet for lunch at the mall.

Amanda, Karen and Milly went out for a little bit before Karen took off to go back home.

Amanda made dinner and cookies, although the cookies were not for me.  Sarah Nowak helps out with a program where she takes a bunch of cookies to homeless people, but it turns out she was scheduled to do it next Friday, not this Friday.  Amanda had already started making them though, so we now have some spare cookies.

Milly was a bit fussy tonight, owing, I’m guessing to sleeping so much in the car yesterday and adjusting to not only being back home, but being back on a schedule after being on vacation.  She had been kept on a schedule to a degree while we were in Lexington, but not all that rigidly.

Other than that Amanda and I watched a good bit of TV, catching up on a few shows on the DVR before we went upstairs to bed.

Zach Dotsey