Milly is a teenager now.  Teenage baby anyway, as she turned 13 months old at 1:10 this morning.

Today was a Monday in that Amanda worked most of the day today.  It was the birthday of one of the girls in the office (can’t remember if it was Trish or Allison) so she asked if I minded her going out to lunch with everybody, and since she was doing that and wouldn’t get back until after Milly’s projected nap time, the reasoning was that she might as well stay a little later and get in some more hours, but still leave a little early and be home by the time Milly gets up from that nap.

Well, Milly didn’t feel like napping much this afternoon.  I put her down after she rubbed her eyes and was starting to get cranky, but she was awake for most of the time and I eventually just took the laptop up to the nursery to try to work while she played with things in there.  Amanda got home about 20 minutes after that.

She told me to call if I needed her, but I figured I’d try to tough it out.  And I did get some of the things done today that I wanted to get done.  I did work on into the night a good bit though.

It was a low-key night.  Amanda thinks she feels a cold coming on, which I hope does not happen.

Milly’s sort of feeding herself cereal with milk now.  We give her tiny bowls with Crispie Rice, or whatever the knockoff Rice Crispies are called, with some milk in it.  Mostly she stabs at it with a spoon then picks it up with her other hand.  But sometimes she’ll get it on the spoon and even get it in her mouth to eat.

Zach Dotsey

Zach Dotsey