So Milly’s walking some now, like really taking steps.  She doesn’t seem to really care all that much about it still though, and it seems that she has to be distracted by something to do it.  Today it seems to be one of Amanda’s necklaces.  That’s fine though.  She did it three times: twice in the nursery and once in the living room in front of her great-grandparents, who had stopped by.  Her grandma, who also came by, missed the event by just a few minutes.  She didn’t walk very far any of those times, but they were consecutive steps in a direction.

Peggy and Earl (the aforementioned great-grandparents) were in town for a dental checkup so we ate lunch with them.  I checked my email when we had finished eating and saw that there wasn’t much going on at work at the time, so Earl and I took Milly to the little playground area inside the mall while the ladies, which included Amanda’s aunt, Anna, went to The Loft, though they later joined the rest of us.

We lost Amanda’s grandma for a few minutes.  Earl and Anna went to the parking lot so he could give her some veggies or something and Amanda, Milly and I stayed so the baby could climb on things for a few more minutes.  Peggy, we thought, was following Earl and Anna.  That turned out not to be the case.

After a few minutes Amanda and I decided we’d go and that we’d bump into her grandparents on the way out to say goodbye to them, but we only bumped into one of them: Earl apparently didn’t realize his wife was following him.  We split up, with me and Milly going back to the playground and Amanda and Earl heading off towards the food court.  Milly and I were the ones to find her.  Apparently she had just needed to go to the bathroom.

After Karen got here, she and Amanda went out for a bit.  They (and by “they” I think I mean Karen) bought some paint for the stairs.  It’s a project they’ve discussed a few times before.  They also brought some Jackson’s Bar-B-Que home for dinner.  I had just gotten Milly up from a nap a minute before they walked in the door and Michael joined us a few minutes later.  We all ate dinner together, and it was Milly’s first taste of BBQ.

Speaking of Milly food firsts, when we ate at the mall she also had her first whipped cream, her first milkshake and her first soda (Sierra Mist, which she drank from a straw).

Zach Dotsey