I mowed first thing today.  Well, second thing, I guess, as I fed Milly while Amanda went to fetch some Hardee’s biscuits for breakfast.  The lawn was badly in need of mowing, as we’ve either been busy or the yard has been wet the last few weekends.  The grass was so thick in one spot in the back that the mower stopped once.  It tried stopping more than that, but I’d lift it up to clear out the grass that was stopping it up.  The yard looks so much better now.

In other yard news, did you know you could pour boiling water on grass to kill it?  Our walkway has been a bit overrun, and Karen told me that yesterday so I boiled a large pot and a teapot to see what would happen, and later this afternoon when I checked we had a lot of dead or dying grass up and down the walkway.  That’s looking much better now too.

After I finished all that and cleared the patio of pine straw sand I sat out on the porch swing with a slice of pizza enjoying a nice breeze when a guy walked up trying to get me to change my alarm system.  I’d have gone with it, but we’re locked in with our current alarm company and it’s too far in for them to buy it out.  It would have saved us a few bucks every month and we’d apparently have gotten some better equipment.  Ah well.

After Milly got up, we all met up with my brother Adam at the Wrightsville Beach park then headed on over to Anna and Barry’s.  We talked to them for a bit then all went out on the beach.  Adam got to play with Milly in the shallow water until one wave hit her in the face and she decided she didn’t want to be there anymore.  She went with Amanda to sit on the towel while Adam and I went out to jump waves and such.

The waves picked up after a little while and more surfers came out, so I suggested we go grab some boards.  Amanda said Milly seemed to be getting tired of being out there, so we all went in.  Barry was going to come back out with me and Adam, but after waiting a little bit Adam decided he didn’t really feel like going back out, so I took him back to his car and Barry and I went out to surf.

We caught some pretty decent waves.  Of note to me was that I took two nose dives and decided that I needed to take off at more of an angle.  There was another time I saw my nose getting ready to dip into the water, so I shifted my weight back and kicked the board to my left.  No spill and I was able to ride it in a good bit.

The wind picked up and started chopping up the waves.  Barry said he was about to go in, but as soon as he considered that it picked back up a little and we caught some more before going on in.

As usual, Milly ate pretty much the whole time she was at Anna and Barry’s.  She didn’t fuss but once, I think Amanda said, which is good because she didn’t take her afternoon nap.

Scout, Anna and Barry’s King Charles spaniel, isn’t feeling well, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t get up to bother Milly while she was eating or when she left some food on the floor.

At home we had dinner, which consisted of some organic ravioli Amanda had picked up.  It was okay, but a little bland.  When Milly woke up and we gave her some for dinner, even she wasn’t interested in it.  The garlic bread with actual slices of garlic was very good though.

Zach Dotsey