When I talked to Amanda this morning, she told me that Milly had woken up a few times last night and when she went in to take care of her, Milly asked for me.  She even signed “daddy,” which she doesn’t often do.  Then this morning when they got up she went to the office to look for me.  Daddy’s girl.

I got up around 8:00 in the Rouge and ate a breakfast of eggs and toast with my parents.  It was nice to spend a little time with them.  I also talked to Uncle Roy a bit.  My mom’s brother has been living with them for a while because he couldn’t find a job in Pennsylvania.  He’s ready to return home and be with his family and was heading that way today.  He’s got some leads up there, and I really hope they pan out for him.

Elliot got to the house around 10 and we headed off to Wilmington.  He hung out for a few minutes when we got there so he could say hi to Amanda and see Milly.  After he left we, along with Karen and Michael, who was there, left to eat at Panera.  Michael, Milly and I took the Jetta while Amanda and Karen, who were going to go shopping after we ate, rode in Karen’s van.

I let Milly walk around at Panera a little bit while we were waiting on food, and that got many an “Aww, she’s so cute,” from patrons.  We got Milly a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to munch on.  That won’t happen again for a while.

Michael took off pretty soon after we got back to the house and Milly went down for a nap.  I played a little bit of Resistance 2 on the PlayStation while she was down.  Karen and Amanda eventually came home with some new clothes that Milly’s Nana (that would be Karen, in case you’re not sure) bought for her.

While Karen was leaving, the word “bath” was mentioned and Milly eagerly started making the sign for it, so Amanda and I decided to give her one.  She spent a good bit of time in there.  We just fill up the tub a little now instead of using the baby bath.  Such a big girl.

After we put Milly down for the night Amanda and I watched Fringe and an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Amanda went to bed right after that and I’m following shortly.

We’re not sure what we’re going to do about church tomorrow, given that we shouldn’t put Milly in Grow Zone with the other kids since she’s sick.

Zach Dotsey