Milly's first amusement park ride ever at the 2010 Cape Fear Fair and Expo
Milly's first amusement park ride ever at the 2010 Cape Fear Fair and Expo

After a Cracker Barrel breakfast courtesy my mother-in-law and a shopping trip she and Amanda took while Milly napped (allowing me to catch up on South Park and ESPNU’s All Access featuring Duke’s men’s basketball team, prompting me to re-watch last season’s 82-50 shellacking of the Tar Heels at Cameron), the four of us headed out to the Cape Fear Fair and Expo.

Milly Dotsey at the 2010 Cape Fear Fair and Expo with ducksWe spent a good bit of time in the livestock area looking at animals.  I feel pretty safe saying that Milly’s favorite animal at this point is the duck.  She kept wanting to hang out with them and constantly made quacking sounds.  She had a good time looking at the rabbits, cows, chickens, llamas, horses, ducks, guineas, peacocks, pigs and goats.  I think I covered all of them.

After that we went out into the main area of the fair with all the rides.  We walked around for a little bit until we came to the rides she could go on.  The first one she went on, which was her first ever, was the merry-go-round.  I took a little secret pleasure in the fact that Amanda and Karen are both prone to motion sickness, which meant I got to take Milly on everything she went on.  Of course, it also meant I ran the risk of getting puked on, in case she inherited that aspect from her maternal side.

Fortunately, she didn’t, and as you can see in the picture at the top, she had a fun time.  When she raises her arms like in that picture, she’s saying “Yay!”

We only went on one other ride, which was one where you sit in a car and ride it around a track.  Nothing too exciting or thrilling, but there was a button you could press to sound a horn, and she liked doing that.

Milly was showing signs of being tired after that.  We made our way to the stage, where a couple guys were playing guitar and singing.  I called Eric Azor, a client of mine who is also one of the Fair organizers.  He came over and chatted with us for a minute.  Milly even danced with him some, which was really cute.  While we were over there Karen bought some funnel cake, so Milly also had her first fair food today.

Milly went down for a nap after we got home and Karen left to go back home shortly after.  Phil had been on a fishing trip and was getting back today.  Ben Lambeth and I almost went up there this weekend, but we ended up not doing that.  Given how cold it’s supposed to be tonight, I’m glad we didn’t.

After Milly ate her dinner tonight she took a nice, long bath where she continued to make quacking noises.  Once she was down we watched a bit of TV and discovered at some point that the heat seems to be acting funny.

Duke beat Virginia in football today, 55-48.  I didn’t see it, but it was an exciting game.  Duke trailed 48-47 after a Virginia touchdown with under 2:30 to go, but Duke connected on a 32 yard pass on fourth and 20 for a touchdown and the win.

Zach Dotsey