Today was supposed to be a match-up between the #1 and #2 teams in the nation when Michigan State traveled to Cameron Indoor Stadium to take on Duke in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge.  Unfortunately, the Big 10 had already won the Challenge and Michigan State had dropped to #6 after losing to UConn, but it was still a great test for my Blue Devils, and I didn’t come away disappointed.

Kyrie Irving scored a ridiculous 31 points and Duke won 84-79.  It was only a five point game, but even though the Spartans got pretty close, most Duke fans I’ve talked to felt like the game was pretty well under control.

So, it’s December now.  That’s hard to believe.

Amanda and I are both feeling a bit bogged down with work.  She’s got a lot of work to do that was left undone by someone who is no longer there and I’ve just had a bunch of stuff to do.

On the Milly front, I think it’s safe to say that my daughter’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  At the end of the show, all the characters dance out to a song called The Hot Dog Song.  Milly dances to it and when it comes on, she says “Hot dog,” then when Mickey Mouse says, “See ya real soon!” before walking off the screen, Milly waves and says, “Bye bye.”

Milly had an orange face this evening after eating some spaghetti.  I mean, it looked like she had a giant orange beard.  Kind of reminded me of Roy Williams’ orange tan.  With some help, she wiped it off in her bath.  She’s gotten to where she’ll wipe herself with the washcloth and pour soap and shampoo on herself then rub it in.  Well, she doesn’t actually pour it on because we don’t open the bottles for her, but it’s cool that she knows what to do with the bottles and all.

Zach Dotsey