Milly slept well last night.  Amanda and I are always very careful not to make much noise when sleeping in the same room as her because she tends to sleep lightly.  We didn’t have any issues last night though.

My parents made a breakfast of eggs, pancakes and waffles this morning, which was great.  We ate that while playing some more Carcassonne, introducing it to Josh, who was too tired to play it last night.

We had several inches of snow fall on the ground overnight.  I went out and took some pictures.  That was after Adam, Josh and Jackson had gone out to play in it, but while Milly was napping, so before she and Addie went out.

Milly and Addison weren’t out in the snow for very long when they did go out though.  They stood around in it, felt it some and that’s about it.  I took them to the barn to look at the horses.  One of Milly’s favorite animal sounds is the horse sound, so I thought she’d like them.  She seemed to like looking at them, but she didn’t like when they were right up on her.

Amanda and I weren’t sure if we were going to stick around another day or head on home, but everyone else figured they’d chance it, so we decided to, too, and left around 3:00.

Amanda’s mom’s side of the family usually has a big get-together on the day after Christmas, but because of all the snow a lot of them didn’t go this year.  We decided to stop by Joanne and Pierre’s anyway, since Joanne’s kids were all in town and hadn’t had a chance to meet Milly yet.  We were there less than an hour because we wanted to be as close to home as possible before it got dark to avoid ice on the road, but we were glad we got to see everyone.

Milly continued her clingy thing throughout the day, hardly letting anyone but me hold her.  I felt bad that she didn’t warm up to anyone very much at my parents’ house.  She did warm up to Tess at Joanne’s though, because she was playing with some Legos that Milly got interested in.

Anyway, I-40 was mostly fine, but there were a few spots that bothered me driving back once it started getting dark.  I decided to stop back off at Amanda’s parents’ house and stay there for the night.  I actually felt more comfortable driving on the highway (24?) that made of most of that trip than I did driving on 40.

Milly was pretty needy for the trip from Raleigh to Richlands.  We put her to bed not long after we got there, and fortunately the door had been put back up for the dungeon, the room her pack & play was set up in.

Amanda, Karen and I played a couple games of Carcassonne then Michael and I played a bit with his Xbox Kinect.  I can see how what game you play really makes a difference for it.  We played the sports games, which were really responsive and fun, then we played Kinect Adventures, the game that came with it, which did a pretty poor job of differentiating when two players were playing.

After we finished that, everyone else was in bed so Michael and I played a little one-on-one Carcassonne.  We tied the first round, I won the second and he won the third.

Amanda seems to be getting a little cold.  Hopefully that won’t turn into anything.

Zach Dotsey