After church, Amanda, Milly and I went to Atlanta Bread, as is our custom.  Milly was in a pretty good mood, so we decided to walk over to Barnes & Noble so she could look at some books and play with the trains.  She was really cute on the way over, saying, “Ready, set go!” to herself and doing some sort of fast-walking wobble that I assume is an attempted run.  Crossing the intersections, Amanda and I have begun to teach her to look both ways before crossing a street.

I put Milly down for a nap after we got home (after Amanda took her for a short wagon ride) then Amanda and I undecorated the house.  One reason I’m always sluggish to put up Christmas decorations is that I don’t look forward to putting them back away, but Amanda made it relatively painless for me.  I took down the lights outside while she took the lights and ornaments off the tree, then I took the tree apart and put the pieces back upstairs.  I also took the time to write the level number of the branches to make it easier to put back up in the future.

I took a nap after that while Amanda did a little more putting away and rearranging.  With the Christmas tree gone, Amanda has dedicated most of the front wall to Milly stuff; her kitchen, toys and box.  She also took a couple boxes of Milly’s toys up to the nursery.

After my short and fitful, ultimately unsatisfying nap, I got up and played a game of San Juan with Amanda.  I wasn’t having a bad game, but I wasn’t getting any high-end cards to play so I thought she was going to bear me pretty handily, but she only ended up winning by a point.

After that I putzed around with a TV adapter for the computer that Barry gave me.  (He’d had it for a while and was unable to use it.)  I haven’t quite decided yet if I’ll be able to use it the way I want to.  I really want something to capture a few things off the DVR, the main thing being a segment of The Price is Right featuring Joe (Michael) Runkle, one of my brother’s best friends since forever.

Milly was in a fun mood this evening.  She ran around, played with things and was generally very sweet.  She was very talkative, too.  On top of everything else, she was pretty brave when we gave her the eye drops.  She still cried and shut her eyes as tight as she could, but she was better about it and got over it quicker than before.

Duke played Miami as the start of ACC play for both teams.  Miami played tough and stuck around, but Duke seemed to keep the game at about a 13 point margin, winning by 11 in the end.  Nolan Smith was an absolute beast.  He got called for an offensive foul that seemed to piss him off, and after that he rattled off 13 straight points for Duke, starting with a bucket, three threes then capping the run off with a dunk.

Zach Dotsey