Milly was very good this morning.  Amanda and I let her pick out her clothes for church (she picked a light green shirt that had a slightly darker green little half-sweater over it, we took care of her pants, socks and shoes) and she wore pigtails, which is always cute.  Having all of her hair back makes her look even more like a grown-up little girl than a toddler.

After church we went to Atlanta Bread, as we usually do.  Amanda went on ahead to order the food while I got Milly out of the car.  I was letting her walk up the sidewalk to the restaurant and Milly started dancing to the music that was playing, but she did it as she was walking, which I’ve never seen her do before.  It was very cute.

Once we finished eating, we walked over to Barnes & Noble so Milly could play with the train there, or look at some of the books or toys, whichever she felt like doing.  One thing she noticed quickly was a backpack in the shape of Brobee, who seems to be one of her favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

Milly was playing well with this one boy who was a little older than her.  His mom walked away for a second after making sure he was sharing and playing nice when he rather meanly took a toy from Milly.  Milly didn’t seem to mind, but I wanted to say something to him.  Of course, it feels funny admonishing a strange kid, but Amanda beat me to it by gently urging him to share.

A minute later we saw the Masons.  Milly and Callie played a little bit while Amanda and I talked to Gregory and Allison.  We chatted for a while and the ladies made plans to go to the park with the kids sometime.  We got the girls to hug goodbye then we all headed off.

Back home, I finally won a game of Dominion (convincingly, at that) against Amanda after having lost three straight just yesterday.  Duke was playing at St. John’s, so I paused that until we finished our game.

Duke scored the first four points, but then it went downhill from there.  I mean, seriously downhill.  They were down 21 at the half, I think, to an unranked team who is eleventh in their own conference.  The final score was 93-78.  Things just couldn’t go right for Duke.  They missed something like 20 of their first 21 three point attempts before starting to get pretty hot (way too late) and couldn’t defend cuts to the basket to save their lives.  It was just an embarrassing beatdown to watch.  It came on the one year anniversary of their game at Georgetown last year, which was another embarrassing beatdown to watch.

The game didn’t bother me as much as it could have if it had been closer.  With them down as much as they were at the half, I had already resigned myself to not having a happy ending.  Who knows though, maybe the season will end like it did last year.  Here’s to hoping for that.

We needed some milk so I suggested we walk to the store.  We pulled Milly in the wagon, which she enjoyed.  Once we got to the store Amanda went in to do the shopping and I stayed outside with Milly, who wanted me to play Ready, Set, Go, which basically means she says “Ready, set, go!” and I run somewhere with her, but in this case it was just back and forth in front of the grocery store with her in the wagon.  An older lady got a kick out of watching Milly smile and laugh.

A while back, Ben had asked if Amanda and I would write testimonials on their behalf for their church.  I was honored when he asked it, but had kept forgetting it or putting it off.  Amanda and I finally took care of those tonight.

Zach Dotsey