I was up early today to volunteer at Port City Community Church to run a mobile camera.  It was a slightly chaotic morning, as there was a song at the end that had some video laid over it.  All the live video was supposed to be converted to black and white to match the recorded video, but at the first service the live video ended up being just highly desaturated.  When I told Amanda it was supposed to be black and white, she said she thought it looked good as it was.  I thought it did too.

There were also two baptisms today.  The testimonial stories were really moving.

I went with Amanda to drop Milly off at Grow Zone.  She had one of her rubber ducks with her and was giving it to everyone she saw: the security guys, the person checking her into her room, and she quacked when she did it.  She even went happily into the room.  She was in such a good mood today.

After I finished all that, I went by Anna and Barry’s to pick something up that Karen was supposed to take to her dad for something or other.  It wouldn’t fit in the Jetta and I had taken her van when I left so we wouldn’t have to bother moving Milly’s seat.

Amanda, Milly and Karen did what we usually do on Sundays and went to Atlanta Bread and Barnes & Noble.  Karen bought Milly a fish that she had picked out there, and, being a clown fish, obviously named it Nemo.

Karen left a while after I got back.  We ended up not finishing the game of Power Grid that we started yesterday.

After Milly woke up from her nap we went over to the Frazelles’ to hang out and have dinner.  Milly was so excited to see all of them.  She spent time doing what she always does there: playing with stuffed animals, playing with cookie cutters, playing on the piano.  She was talkative and playful the whole time we were there.

Milly surprised me a little at dinner too.  She picked through my salad and pulled out corn, cranberries, beans and peppers.  She made a pretty funny face the first time she ate a pepper, but she kept eating them, so I guess she liked them.

Milly has Anna and Hannah’s names down just fine.  Barry she calls B, but Kirsten has gone from Kurgie to Coo-key.  She loves the name.

Zach Dotsey