Milly was up early today, around 7:30.  I’d gotten up a little early too and I heard Milly say “Daddy” after I got out of the shower, so after I got dressed I went ahead and got her up.

A little later when Milly was playing with her magnets, she put an M up on her easel and said, “M.”  She also put an X up and said, “Y,” but I can understand that confusion.

Amanda felt like picking something up for lunch on her way home and asked if I wanted anything in particular.  I had no preference, so I told her to just get whatever.  My guess was that she’d either pick up some Little Caesar’s or Cook Out, and since we had Little Caesar’s last week, I was leaning towards Cook Out.  I was right.

We had two new couples at small group tonight.  We spent the night getting to know them and discussing what to study next.

Duke and Carolina play at Cameron tomorrow night.  A couple weeks ago I don’t think I’d have been very nervous about it, but Carolina’s really been stepping up lately.  It should be a good game.

Zach Dotsey