Milly didn’t feel like sleeping much last night.  Amanda always goes to bed before I do, and I suggested that she come on downstairs after I’d already checked on Milly twice.  She joined me in the guest room eventually.

I kept pretty busy today.  I did take some time in the middle of the afternoon to play with Milly for a little bit though.  I was throwing her up in the air, and after doing it several times I’d stop and get her to count.  At first I just asked her to count to five, but then I started asking her to go to ten.  She stumbles on three, which is odd because she’s been able to count to three for a long time.  Anyway, I’ll say “three” for her, and she’ll continue on the rest of the way.  She did this several times today.  I should have gotten video.

Amanda and I attended a Port City Community Church small group leaders meeting tonight and got our list of leaders we’ll be advocates for.  Unfortunately, only one of our four couples showed, but we had a good discussion with them.  The meeting prompted a good discussion between Amanda and me about baptism and such.

We had dropped Milly off at the Frazelles’.  We got there a little before 9:00 and found Milly in her pajamas but still wired.  She was laughing and crawling on Barry and having a good time, but she started getting tired pretty quick.  It was an hour past her bedtime, after all.  We got her home and put her down without any trouble.  I just hope she sleeps well tonight.

Amanda and I watched Community and The Office before she went to bed.  She was tired from going to bed late last night because of the game and from Milly keeping her up.

Zach Dotsey