As with most Mondays, Karen came this morning and took Milly out for a while.  Today they picked Anna up from the BMW place and went to The Fuzzy Peach and Fat Tony’s (hmm, probably not in that order).  They came back and Milly took a nap and stayed down until Amanda got home.  Amanda told her mom that she wanted Milly to take naps earlier because taking them late like that makes her fussier in the evenings, but since they were picking Anna up at a certain time, today was an allowable exception.

She was really tired when Amanda got her up.  She didn’t want to move and she was very cranky until I cuddled up with her to watch The Lion King.  She eventually got in a better mood.

After Milly went to bed I spent the night doing some work while Amanda watched The Sing Off.  She’s not a fan of the format where they split groups into two divisions because she feels that one of the divisions is much stronger, so they’re sending groups home that would probably not have gone home if they all competed together.

Zach Dotsey