Around 3:00 today Amanda came to the office and asked what I thought about going to see a 5:00 movie.  I said that sounded good so she started calling around to see who could watch Milly.  Our choices were limited because Milly’s still getting over a cold, so we didn’t want to put her with anyone else who had kids.  She called Michael first, but he and Jenn were going to the mall to buy some jeans or something.  She called Anna next, and that worked out.

We were on the way to the Frazelle house when Amanda called Anna to tell her we were going to just have to drop Milly off and run due to the time, so Anna said she’d just meet us at Mayfaire.  Milly spent some time walking in circles around the fountain until Anna showed up.  The two of them walked off with Milly laughing loudly as Amanda and I went into the theater.

We don’t have a lot of money to spend on things like movies right now, but Amanda has talked about seeing 50/50 quite a bit and we thought we had enough left on my gift card to pay for on ticket.  It turned out that we had enough for both tickets plus for some reason we got a free movie pass on top of that.

Amanda and I both liked 50/50.  I won’t give anything away, but Amanda cried a few times and I almost did.  Despite that, it was also very funny.  Seth Rogan cussed a lot and there was a good bit of recreational drug use, which made it funny to me when we were leaving and I saw that most of the other people in there with us were not just old, but elderly.

Amanda called Anna when we got out of the movie and met up with her and Milly at Brilliant Sky.  Anna said they had gone to Atlanta Bread and Gap.  The Gap store has a train set, which is the one that used to be in Brilliant Sky, and Milly played with that.  Anna also looked at some clothes for Milly but said she couldn’t find anything good.  Amanda explained that there had been a really good clearance sale last week and that all the good (or maybe she said affordable) clothes had gone then.

We passed Victoria’s Secret on the way back to the car and Milly said something about the bathing suits.  There are, of course, no bathing suits on display this time of year, but there are plenty of things that have the general shape of bathing suits.

Milly was singing Rio Bravo (whose song Cathedral was on MTV’s Real World on Wednesday) songs on the way home.  She wanted the music to be “big” though, so we could barely hear her.  Still, it was cute.  Milly wanted to watch some Thomas the Train, so we let her do that to wind down before bed.  Every time they showed a closeup of his face Milly would say, “He sees me.”  At one point I said a few lines from I Like Myself, but Milly gave me this weird look, shook her head and said, “Don’t read, Daddy.”

After she went to bed we watched the first episode of Grimm, which was okay.  Didn’t blow me away or anything.  Another fairy tale -inspired show, Once Upon a Time, will be premiering Wednesday.  I’m wondering how long it will be before someone decides to do a movie or show based on the comic book Fables.

In case you’re wondering, when I last checked my ad account before going to bed it was somewhere around $0.32.  Sometimes the totals for the day take a bit of time to trickle in though, so when I checked yesterday’s numbers this morning I had to do a double-take.  I thought maybe I’d accidentally told it to display the past few days.  But no, the site went from averaging about $0.20 to making $3.26.  I don’t expect that to keep up by any means, and even if it did that wouldn’t be enough steady money to quit one’s day job over, but it still kind of knocked me back.

I’m fleshing out an idea for a website based on what I’ve been promoting lately.  Unfortunately, it seems that all my usual sources for coding are too busy right now.

I talked to Aunt Robbie for a minute today.  She’d invited us to make a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  She goes there every year to visit with her friends, the Meeces.  They have a big family get-together and whatnot.  I declined the offer and said maybe next year because it’s a long trip, we won’t be there long and I don’t know how Milly will do riding that far in the car, not sleeping, being in  anew place with a bunch of new people and all that.  Plus Amanda and I would miss some work.  I appreciated the offer, I really did, but I just didn’t think the timing was right for us.

Zach Dotsey