Milly had a blast tonight.  After leaving the house fifteen minutes late then turning around because we forgot some stuff, hitting traffic and then getting stopped by the bridge, we finally made it to Anna and Barry’s.  We sat around and talked a bit then had some pizza before heading to Harbor Island for some trick or treating.

For more than half the night Milly wanted B to carry her around.  She switched up with Anna and her Nana a little and finally finished with me.  She didn’t care to have me or Amanda walk her to many of the doors because Nana, Anna and B were all there.

Milly was dressed as a fairy, a butterfly, a fairy butterfly or a butterfly fairy.  I’m not entirely sure which or what.  At some point I guess we’ll have to start getting her some real Halloween costumes, but she was cute with her tights and layered skirts and butterfly wings and sparkle-striped shirt.

We were a little afraid it would rain and that it would be too cold.  It did get a bit chilly later into the night, but it wasn’t too bad.  It never did rain either.

When we got home at about twenty ’til eight we stopped by Bonnie’s real quick so she could see Milly.  She was in bed right at 9:00.

Karen came to watch Milly this morning.  They spent a good deal of time playing upstairs then went out for a little while and had lunch with Karen’s friend, Bonnie.  (Bonnie Melton, not Bonnie Narron from across the street.)  She brought me a broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl for lunch.

Today was a day of ups and downs.  Bad newses, good newses, bad newses then family fun with Milly.  Tomorrow is a new month.  Actually, we get to start said new month with a trip to Raleigh to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  I don’t think Milly knows what’s in store for her.  Man, Halloween one day and Yo Gabba Gabba the next.  Plus we’re going to the Cape Fear Fair at some point this week.  Next week will be such a downer for her.

Zach Dotsey