Amanda got home from work and we let Milly, who’s been sick, sleep in for her nap, as opposed to our original plan which was to get her home when Amanda got home and head off to my parents’ house.  She was nearly hoarse today and hardly sounded like herself when she laughed or talked.

We left a little after 2:00.  There wasn’t much to the trip, though Milly did fuss at me any time I put my feet up on the dashboard.  (Amanda drove, as she usually does when we go somewhere during my work hours.)

We got to Rougemont without incident and Milly took no time warming up to Mum Mum, Pap and Auntie Rin.  We hung out and ate, Milly played.  We’re usually here the same time Andra and her crew come, but this time Milly got a room all to herself.  We set up a pack & play in my old room, though given that she was almost able to lift her leg over the side of it I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to do that.

We spent a good portion of the evening watching YouTube videos.  I introduced my family to Epic Rap Battles of History.  Mom missed most of them, but Erin seemed to like them and my dad was a lot more into them than I thought he’d have been.  Then again, his taste in music surprises me.  I learned that he likes Lady Gaga, Ludacris and… I forget the other one.

We also watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen, which they still have on the DVR.  It came on months ago and I always heard it was hilarious, but I never got around to watching it.  It was, indeed, pretty funny.  And brutal at time, too.

Mom and Dad went to bed after that, but Erin, Amanda and I watched Duke play Kansas in the championship game of the Maui Invitational.  It was a back and forth game, a very exciting one.  Duke really manned up though and ended up winning 68-61.  The biggest surprise was actually the last two field goals made by Duke, both of which were threes taken by Tyler Thornton.  Thornton is known as a defensive point guard, and not really considered much of an offensive threat.  Kansas was up 61-60 when Thornton was passed a three on the baseline that he hit.  On the next trip down the court, Duke had the ball and was trying to run out the clock, but then they Kansas defense was not letting them get a good shot.  With the clock winding down, Seth Curry took a dribble and a hop step then passed it, probably out of desperation, to Thornton again.  He threw up a crazy off-balance shot and somehow ended up hitting another three-pointer.  I was jumping up and down and Amanda and Erin were going nuts too.  That pretty much sealed the game with about 20 seconds left.

It was an instant classic game between two blue blood teams, the type of thing we should see in an Elite Eight or Final Four game.  Even the atmosphere, as small as the place it, seemed to be really great.  There were chants of “Rock chalk Jayhawk” and the Duke fans were doing the Cameron Crazie hand thing.  Definitely would have been a fun game to go to.

Duke is now 15-0 all-time in the Maui Invitational, and so I’ve decided to dub the Lahaina Civic Center “Cameron Pacific”.

Zach Dotsey