When Karen arrived today she brought a bunch of Christmas mugs, a cake and an iPhone 4S.  That’s my Christmas present.  Amanda and I were talking and, already knowing what I was getting, we decided I should go ahead and have it so I can get a phone number for it.  I’ll need it for business purposes.  I need to put my number on things, like business cards and such, and I couldn’t do that until I got the phone.  So I got the phone today.  Oddly, it had a 252 area code number, so I changed it this evening to a 910.

She forgot the chain saw, but that’s okay.

I stayed pretty busy this morning while Karen and Milly went out and about.  They were back around 2:00 so I could borrow Karen’s van to go to a marketing meeting with Steve and Neal from Bon’s Eye Marketing, which I thought went really well.  I’m really looking forward to doing some work with those guys.

On the way home I stopped to get my new phone activated, which was apparently unnecessary.  It’s a good thing I did though, because I probably would have wasted a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how to change my phone number.  That said, I got the number changed to a 910 a few hours ago and it stopped working since then.  I read that it should be pretty much immediate, but apparently my phone now won’t authenticate.  I’m on hold right now about that.

After I got Milly up from her nap and she came into the office she saw the new phone, which is white (whereas the old one was black) and asked what happened to my phone.  I was both amused and impressed.

She was a bit moody tonight.  (My phone works now- it just had to be reactivated.)  Amanda said something about it from upstairs while I was in the office with Milly.  I said the word “moody” and she said, “Don’t say that, Daddy.”  I said, “Don’t say what: moody?”  She didn’t like that.  She was up and down this evening, as she is most Nana days.  She would be overly sensitive about what cup she was drinking from then she’d stomp three time during the song on Special Agent Oso where it says “three special steps.”

One thing I get a kick out of that she does now is if you ask her where something is and you don’t see it, she’ll specify.  “Milly, where’s the Christmas tree?”  (Pointing:) “Right there.”  “Right where?”  “Right there, on the floor.”

Milly had a bath tonight and was pretty wound up after she got out.  Maybe it was because she ate more spaghetti than usual, I don’t know.  At least she ended in a good mood (and didn’t insist we make a tent out of her bed and Tiana blanket like Nana did for her nap).

Amanda watched Sing Off while I piddled around organizing my new phone.  I didn’t have to do a whole lot of setup, but I did reorganize my apps quite a bit.  I got rid of a few and had to put them in an order that felt natural to me.  It’s funny how much you get used to something being in one certain place.  I mean, when I use Amanda’s iPad I’m practically lost when I have to find something like the settings.

I was extremely proud, by the way, of my application of the screen cover for this new phone.  My last one (which was provided by my expiring job, in case anyone’s wondering why I had to get a new one) had a few bubbles in it, particularly towards the top right.  I put it on almost perfectly this time.  It’s just a tad left of center, but there are no bubbles.  The left side is being pushed by the case ever so slightly though, so hopefully that won’t turn into anything, or the case I’ve got on the way won’t push it like the current one does.  (Though it probably will.)

The group Amanda thought would win from the very beginning of Sing Off won.  She said another group was her favorite, but the one that won was the most talented.

Zach Dotsey