I’m watching Duke play Colorado State right now. It’s been over for two and a half hours now and I know how it ends (with a 23 point win), but I feel the need to watch it anyway. I like to actually see how my boys play.  I’d probably be close to done with it already if our stupid fast forward button worked.

In case you’re wondering, I missed the game because of small group.

Did a good bit of work with Nextwave today.

When I went to get Milly up this morning she was sitting on the floor with her back to her bed with her toys surrounding her like a nest and reading Guess How Much I Love You upside-down.  I read it to her.

After I let Harvey and Bruce out this morning I decided to go check on yesterday’s fire and realized I’d left the gate open.  They were gone.  I got Milly dressed and we went to look for them.  Fortunately they weren’t hard to find.  I saw Bruce at the driveway of the house next to Bonnie’s and he came on over as soon as he saw that I had a bit of waffle for him.  I put him up and started walking down the street when I saw Harvey.  He was a good way off, but he came when I called him.

After we got the boys put up Milly asked about walking to the store, and since she was already in the wagon, we did.  I let her walk around the store and she forgot to get a doughnut, but we did get some cereal.  I opened the box of Honey Nut Cheerios and let her eat a handful outside the store then let her snack out of the box as I dragged her home in the wagon.

Cyra watched Milly tonight as Amanda and I went to small group.  We were two couples short, but we finished Crazy Love.  The final video was short and had no discussion questions, which I guess was supposed to let you discuss your own thoughts on the book.  We got a little distracted looking into a passage in Revelations then spent some time talking about what study to do next.  I think we’re going to end up doing Peasant Princess, which is a study Amanda and I did with a previous version of our small group.  It talks about the Song of Solomon.  More specifically, it talks about sex.  Amanda wasn’t big on doing it because we’ve already done it and the study was longish, but I thought it was a good one and would be good to do in a married couples small group.  I think everyone else thought it sounded, um, fun.

Zach Dotsey