After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Supernatural.  Another spoiler alert, though I think the only person I know who watches the show is Jason and a) I think he watches it before we do and b) I don’t think he’s on the site much anyway.  So they killed Bobby Singer, huh?  That sucks.  There was an episode not too long ago in which Sam and Dean, the main characters, took a backseat and were hardly shown so they could focus on showing a day in the life of Bobby (played by Jim Beaver), who was like another father to them.  I really liked Bobby.

Of course, on Supernatural, just because a character dies doesn’t mean they’ll stay dead.  Well, I suppose that only applies to Sam, Dean and any supernatural beings.  Sam and Dean have both come back, and I think their dad did briefly.  Angels and demons both seem to pop back up now and then.  That said, most of the supporting cast tends to stay dead.  So maybe they really did kill Bobby.  I just feel like we’ll be seeing him some more.

If we won’t though, the episode was a really nice send-off.  It shed a lot of light on Bobby’s upbringing and some of the fears and insecurities he lived with.  The reaper who came to collect him even had very kind words for all he had accomplished in his life, especially given the circumstances.  It was touching that Bobby’d final memory was one of watching a movie with Sam and Dean and listening to them bicker.  We were left wondering if Bobby, in his stubbornness, stuck around to become a shade in darkness or if he went on to collect his eternal reward.

Milly pooped while I was on the phone today.  Got all down my pants and up her back Went outside tonight to look for falling stars.  Milly wanted to help the stars.  They were falling over and were going back to their mommy. Bobby killed on Supernatural?

Milly and I had an interesting morning.  The peed on the potty, which was great.  Later on I was talking to a client who was having a pretty major problem connecting to their website.  (Long story short, our server was blocking them for too many failed email login attempts.)  It was a client I know pretty well and it was a pretty big emergency, so I didn’t mind having Milly around while talking to them.  At one point though, Milly was getting very upset.  She had to poop, which I knew because she was fussing at me, “Shange-a biper (change the diaper),” which is what she always fusses when she has to poop, even when she’s not wearing a diaper like today.  I told her to go sit on the potty, but she wouldn’t do it.

I ended up picking her up in my right arm while holding the phone with my left hand and carrying her from the office to the living room where he potty was and sitting her down on it.  As I was sitting her down though, I noticed I was too late because it had already come out on the floor next to the potty.  Then I noticed a long streak going all the way down the right leg of my pants.  I told the client I’d have to call them back.


Amanda announced this evening that there were going to be falling stars from around 6:00 to 8:00, so we took a blanket out to the backyard and the three of us lay on the ground looking up at the stars.  Milly said she wanted to help the stars because they were falling over and going back to their mommy.

Zach Dotsey