We forgot to set the alarm for this morning or something, because Amanda woke me up and said something about seeing if we could get ready for church in 20 minutes.  Still groggy and thinking it was Saturday anyway, I rolled over to cuddle up with her, but she jumped on out of bed.  We always get there early so we don’t have to wait in a long line to put Milly in Grow Zone.  Despite our late start we weren’t far back in line.

Barry called me and asked if he’s save a seat for him and Anna.  When we hung up he said he’d see us in a few minutes, so I asked if they were just about there, since we’d be in the line for a little bit more.  His reply: “No, I’m with Anna.”

We did our usual Sunday morning thing with Atlanta Bread and Barnes & Noble.  A boy about Milly’s age came to play with the trains and I talked with his mom a little.  He was a month younger than Milly, but bigger.  I’d guessed he was closer to three.  A little later three girls came in, all presumably sisters.  Milly saw them and said, “Friends!”  She went and started talking to them and one of the older ones played with Milly for a bit.

Milly threw up in the car on the way home.  It wasn’t much though and it only got on her (dry clean only) coat.  Amanda wiped it down and I put her down for a nap.  After that we watched The Soup then I took a nap.  When Milly and I got up we all went to see Anna and Barry.

Milly was all about some B tonight.  She wanted him to take her on a walk, and B convinced her to be okay with me going this time since I hadn’t been where they were going, which was a small public access on the Intracoastal Waterway.  I had been there before, actually, but that didn’t really matter.  Milly put on a hat we found in Kirsten’s room and it looked adorable on her.  At the access we drew in the sand and saw a washed-up jellyfish.  Barry put it back in the water and a few minutes later we saw it pulsating.  Barry, who hates jellyfish more than I do (see the scar on his side) told it to tell all its friends he had been nice to it.

We got back and ate.  Milly spent a lot of time sitting on her potty (which we brought along) and watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  At one point she ran from the dining room to the living room and sat on the potty.  I peeked in on her and said that I bet she’d announce that she’d peed, and sure enough she did it pretty soon after.  She got some M&Ms from Anna for her effort.

Milly also played with a model rocket before we left and said she wanted B to come in her car with her.  We told hi he could put her in the car, but he’d have to stay with Anna.  Milly kept requesting two more minutes, which had been her big thing lately any time it’s time to go to sleep or head home.  She did get to ride a skateboard while I was warming up the car.  After Barry and I went to pick up some beer Milly asked me if she could go surfing.  If she keeps all this up, she’s going to be a very cool chick.  I mean, she’s cool now, but if she gets into surfing and skateboarding, I mean what guy doesn’t think a girl who can do all that is cool?

Milly threw up on the way home again.  She started crying loudly then we smelled it and then we heard her do it several times.  I think at one point she was starting to choke on it, which was more than a little freaky.  This time it got on the back of the seats and a little on Amanda’s coat I think.  Fortunately it didn’t get on the car seat except for the front straps and buckles, but unfortunately it absolutely caked her (again, dry clean only) coat.  Amanda had no choice but to hose the coat down and hope it doesn’t shrink up when it dries.

Amanda did most of the cleanup while I bathed Milly and got her ready for bed.  (I asked which she wanted to do, by the way).  I did work on the buckles a bit after we got Milly down.  She seemed fine though, both then and earlier today after she threw up the first time.

We did a load of clothes and all the white stuff turned pink.  There was a mat in the wash that we’ve had a very long time but had never been washed.  I had put it in the washing machine a few days ago to wait on the next load of wash after trying to vacuum it with little success.  It got several of Milly’s white shirts, including the sleeves of a Duke shirt, pajamas, a blanket and a sheet.  We washed all those except the Duke shirt, which is white aside form the sleeves, twice with bleach.  The pajamas look a lot better but the rest are hopeless.  Hopefully the color they are when they dry will look okay to wear.  I mean, the sheet and blanket (and there was a pair of underwear too, now that I think about it) nobody will see anyway.  We liked some of those shirts though.

Amanda and I watched Terra Nova then she went to bed, coming downstairs once to get a sippy cup of water to leave in Milly’s room to help her hydrate in the morning (though we gave her some before she went to bed too).  She also told me that Kim Jong Il had died, according to some just-breaking news she saw on TV.  I looked online and CNN hadn’t even posted it yet, though I did find a short blurb on MSNBC.com.  It was obviously only just announced.