The fat caterpillar that Milly put in her little bug house yesterday is definitely butterflying.  Amanda thought that might be the case because it was fat and lethargic.  Today we found some web-looking stuff.  Amanda put some extra twigs in the thing to give it some elevation, and tonight we found a chrysalis nestled between some leaves.  Looks like we’re having a butterfly.

Mr. Caterpillar has a few roommates now though.  Amanda and Milly were heading out to the park when Milly found a whole bunch of caterpillars on the car.  Amanda’s guess was that they’d fallen out of the trees above the driveway.  Anyway, Milly put, I don’t know, four or five more in there.  She’d have put more, but we thought some of them might be too skinny and would squeeze out from between the mesh of the bug carrier.

Amanda asked what the names of the new caterpillars were and Milly called them all Mr. Caterpillar.  When Amanda explained that it would be confusing if they all had the same names, Milly started naming them after Disney princesses.  The one on her arm when I walked outside to hear this was Cinderella.

Milly was still outside playing with her plethora of caterpillars when Amanda and I left for small group.  Milly hardly noticed us leaving.

We’re doing Starting Point in small group, which is great.  It’s a thing they do at the church for people who are either seeking God or want to learn more.  It’s also a way for people to discuss things they’ve always been uncertain about.  David Sawyer’s leading the study, as he’s a Starting Point leader.  I think the discussion has gone real well so far and I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming chapters already.

Amanda and I played a game of Ticket to Ride after she got ready for bed.  It goes so fast playing on the iPhone and iPad.  She got me last night, but I won tonight.

I’ve had two new unsolicited leads for Nextwave this week.  I haven’t heard back from the first one, but I had a nice, long talk with the other.  It’s great, of course, because I’m getting traffic from sites I’ve done, meaning that I’m not going out to get this business.  I guess it also means I’m doing a decent job.

Zach Dotsey