I had a bit of an issue this evening, and I’m not entirely sure where it came from.  The only things I ate today that Amanda didn’t eat were a bowl of Raisin Bran and parmesan steak leftovers from Olive Garden from a couple days ago.  I’m guessing the steak was the issue, but it shouldn’t have gone bad that quickly.

At any rate, I’m not sure how many times I visited the bathroom between 5:30 and whenever it was that I went to bed.  My guess would be less than ten, but not by much.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is ten though.

I posted on Facebook and Twitter today that any man whose daughter loves him even half as much as mine loves me is truly blessed.  Milly’s been so sweet lately.  When I pick her up, and particularly when I carry her downstairs, she likes to wrap her arms tight around my neck and bury her head against me.  Amanda told me after one of the times I got out of the bathroom that Milly prayed for me.  I mean, how sweet is it for a two-year-old to pray for her daddy when she knows he’s not feeling well?  There are other things too, but I can’t recall them right now.  She’s just been so sweet and affectionate towards me.

One of the first things Milly told me this morning, when her name was Little P and my name was Daddy P, was that last night Cyra said Daddy P is silly with his Yo Gabba Gabba shoes.  I emailed that to Amanda, who passed it on to Cyra.  Apparently last night when they were going upstairs they saw my Brobees and they had a short conversation wherein Cyra said something about me being silly and having Yo Gabba Gabba shoes.

Oh, I just remembered one of the other really sweet Milly things.  Last weekend Amanda was printing up pictures for scrapbooking and one of our ink cartridges was out, then it needed a nozzle cleaning, so we had a couple pictures that were a bit low on their blue tones.  Or was it magenta?  Whatever it was, there was a picture of me and Milly sleeping on the couch when she was teeny tiny, so Amanda put some tape on it and put it on the bottom of the top bunk so Milly could look at it.  It disappeared after a few days, but Milly mentioned wanting to find it tonight, so I looked around a bit and happened to find it behind her door.  Now, what’s so sweet about that is that often when Milly wakes up in the morning she’ll take her blanket and paci and sleep behind her door.  So all I can figure is that she took the picture with her one time when she did that.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

I’m adjusting well to using the Mac, I think.  The only issues I’ve got is that I’d really like the keyboard to have a number pad and home/end/page up/down buttons and that I have to make sure to click the front of the mouse, whereas I’m apparently more used to clicking nearer to the middle of it.  I think it would be fine if my hand was a little bigger.  Both of those problems will be solved once I get the other keyboard and the trackpad.  Of course I could hook up one of my existing keyboards, but the Mac keyboard is so nice.  It’s little, light and the buttons feel so soft that they’re actually kind of fun to type on.

Zach Dotsey