Just now I was looking at a list of 90’s music on Spotify.  (Spotify is amazing, by the way.)  I was reading through the list, clicking here and there to hear parts of songs, and man, I was attacked by so many flavors of nostalgia.  I mean, the 90’s covered my life from sixth grade, when I feel like I was really become self-actualized, all the way through high school with all the emotional turmoil bundled into that and into my college years with all the strange and good times that come with that.  That’s the decade that formed a lot of who I was to become, and hearing so many snippets of songs that make me feel such a wide variety of emotions is almost disorienting.

So, on to my day.

Since Milly traded in her paci for Lady, a ladybug that casts stars and a moon on the ceiling, she’s been sucking her thumb at night.  Last night I told her that if she sucked her thumb I wasn’t going to let her sleep with Lady for her nap.  This morning her thumb was still wet, so for nap time I took Lady away and told her she could have Lady back when she stopped sucking her thumb.  She sucked her thumb at nap time, so she didn’t get her back for bedtime, though we did put it on top of her cardboard house and turned the lights on.  She likes holding Lady, so we’ll see if that makes a difference or not.

Speaking of Milly and bedtime, Amanda and I were watching the finale of House after we put Milly down and heard her making some noise, so we turned the monitor on and heard her babbling and singing with Violet.  Most of it was babbling, like I said, but we did make out one part that sounded like she said something about loving Mommy and Daddy (followed by something about brushing her teeth).

Milly was playing with a water gun she got at Ayden’s birthday party and was pointing at me and saying boom.  No idea where she got that from.  For what it’s worth, it was empty.  She wanted to go for a walk a little later, but she ended up walking around the yard squirting everything she could think of to squirt.

Work was pretty crazy from the time Milly went down for her nap on.  I had several really good leads come in along with one job that’s ready to move forward.  If it all comes about then the training I’ve been giving Michael might come in handy.

It thundered a lot today and the sky looked ominous at times, but it never did rain.  We’ve got a tropical storm somewhere off the coast, but I haven’t really been keeping up with it.

Oh, House.  I think there were a number of implausible things about the finale, but I can overlook them.  Overall I thought it was pretty good, with House struggling over his own fate by talking to drug-induced hallucinations from his past and eventually riding off into the proverbial sunset with his best pal.

Zach Dotsey