Watched Olympics.  Really enjoyed the archery (America placed silver after Italy, losing by one point) and fencing.  Milly seemed to kind of like that too, so I showed her the foil I have from when I fenced at UNCG.  Made me want to get all my old gear back.

Erin stopped by with her friend Steve.  They’d camped at Carolina Beach last night and stopped by on the way to Chapel Hill.  Milly woke up from her nap then but was a bit moody.

Tried to entice Milly to take another nap by going upstairs and letting her sleep with me in our bed.  She just watched Mickey Mouse videogame videos on YouTube.  I really don’t get that.

Went to Target for a few things then stopped by Brilliant Sky for a couple minutes before heading to Zoe’s to have dinner with Blake and Stephanie Konny and a host of their friends.  Konnys are moving to Versailles, Kentucky, right outside of Lexington for a new job Blake got as a principal.  Actually interviewed for an assistant principal position at Tate’s Creek, which is the high school right behind where Baba and Pap’s house is.  Was.

Bribed Milly into eating most of her food by promising to go to Coldstone for ice cream after Zoe’s.  Funny thing- while we were walking to Zoe’s I was carrying her and she told me she wanted to tell me a secret.  Part of it was that we were going to get ice cream.  I guess she remembers it from when we went there when my parents visited for her birthday.

Milly was pretty fussy in the car.  She started getting upset and telling us to do something that we couldn’t quite understand, and the more we couldn’t understand the more upset she got, so I told her to calm down by the time I counted to three or I’d smack her hand.  I ended up doing that, but it did eventually calm her down.  (Amanda figured out that she wanted the arm rest extended, which had absolutely no bearing on anything for Milly in her carseat.)  After a minute she got upset again and kept saying through gasping breaths, “Daddy, you hurt me.”  I felt terrible about that, even though I in fact did not hurt her in the least.  I barely swatted at her hand.  I told her I didn’t want to hurt her and I didn’t like to hurt her, but that she needed to learn to listen to Mommy and Daddy and she had been behaving badly.

We got home a little after 7:30, but we went ahead and put her on down.  She ended up fussing twice- once because she wanted her sleeping bag and had dropped a little bug toy down the side of her bed and again because she’d pooped in her diaper, which we knew was coming.

Amanda and I watched two episodes of Breaking Bad with some Olympic swimming and gymnastics in between.  The swimming was the 400 meter, which Ryan Lochte won.  Unfortunately, Michael Phelps, hero of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, failed to medal (he got fourth) for the first time in any Olympic event in which he participated.  That said, he’d previously said he wasn’t going to do that event anymore, changed his mind and only trained for it for nine months, whereas everyone else in it was surely training for years.

Zach Dotsey