I can’t believe it’s been so long.  I think I’ve said that every year for the past few, but still.  It’s crazy to think of how many people have been born who will only know about it from history books.  And some of those kids are probably just now starting to learn about the events of that day.

I woke up today to the feeling of heavy bounces on my bed.  Milly had gotten up when Amanda was leaving, so as usual in such cases she came to my room to hang out and watch PBS Kids or something while I finished sleeping.  Turns out she would stand on Amanda’s pillow while holding the headboard then let go and fall back on the mattress.  She told me she was a dolphin and doing BIG splashes.

I still don’t have the Escape back.  I got a call around 4:00 saying they were finished with it and couldn’t find anything wrong.  Erin said it sounded like something that happened with her car and it was just the spark plugs.  I’m figuring I’ll take it to Dave as soon as I can to get checked out.  Anyway, Milly and Amanda were out until almost 5:00 and Amanda was making dinner after that, so I’m planning to pick it up tomorrow.

Speaking of them being out, I missed Milly’s dance class for the first time today, which made me sad.  I’ve just got so much work to do right now.  I was planning on working through the evening, but Milly was crazy wild today so Amanda suggested a walk and I joined them on that.  I blew bubbles pretty much all the way down our long road and back with Milly chasing them to pop them the whole time until we got to Maddox’s house.  Then she stopped and played with Maddox while Amanda and I chatted with Christin and Gavin.

It felt very nice outside today.  It was comfortably warm to the point of almost cool during the day, and the night air made me think back to third grade soccer games.  Autumn is almost here.

After Milly went to bed Amanda watched some TV while I worked, then I joined her to watch Go On, the new Matthew Perry show.  I hope it picks up for his sake, because so far it’s been just so-so.  Not bad, just not anything very special.

Zach Dotsey