Milly was still sick today and I was a little sick and Karen had a headache and texted me that she wouldn’t be coming today.  Despite all that, and despite the fact that Milly got up at around 7:15 (with a dry pullup, yay!), the day went pretty well.

Of course, we just set our clocks back an hour yesterday, so it was really like 8:15 (except nobody went to bed an hour earlier).  I didn’t know Karen wasn’t coming yet either, and I wanted to get my workout as done as possible before she got here, so I went ahead and got up.

I felt pretty good about my workout today, which was arms and shoulders (“shoulder, bi, tri”), which surprised me since I was a little sick.  I got through all the workouts pretty well and did the best I’ve done so far with Ab Ripper X.

Milly wanted a tent fort set up, so I did that in the corner of the living room between the couch, the TV stand, her chair and an ottoman with two blankets, a few books and various other tidbits to hold it all together.  She set up a bunch of toys under there and played for a while before her nap time.  Or rest time, which is the more apt name for it, since she hardly ever sleeps anymore.  She might have slept a bit today though.  She was down for two hours and I didn’t hear much from her.

After Milly got up she spent a bit of time preparing a birthday party for one of her Cinderella dolls.  She kept coming into the office, calling me “Worker” and buying toys from me with 41 cents of change that was on my desk.  I think the Worker name was not because I was working at the time, but because I was the person working at the store from which she was buying everything.

Later on, after 5:00, Milly wanted me to help her line up letter magnets in the hallway.  She told me, “You can play with me, if you want to.  You can work later.”  I mean really, how in the world could I say no to that?

Amanda took over after she got home and I kept working for a bit.  There was and is plenty to do.  I finished up a chunk of it while Milly was getting her bath and went upstairs to read her Fairy book to her while Amanda combed her hair.  Milly’s voice was hoarse, which was kind of cute when she could just barely squeak out sounds, but we had to keep telling her to be quiet and not talk so much so her voice would get better.

After the two minutes of bedtime music, during which Amanda and I have both been staying in the room with Milly of late, I went to give her a kiss and she said to me, “Can you say ‘Poor thing’?”  She followed it up with, “Can you say ‘I hope you feel better’?”  I said both of those things to her, gave her kisses then said, “I love you, Meliamae.  Good night, little girl,” as I do every single night.

Amanda and I watched a couple Revolutions and will be caught up once we watch the one from Sunday night.  It’s getting hard to remember who’s doing what and what this person or that person’s motives are.  Of course, it might not have helped that I was tired and dozed off during most of the previous episode.  We also watched a Grimm, but then realized we had accidentally skipped one, so we’ll watch that one later.

So tomorrow’s a big day, what with the presidential election and all.  From what I’ve read, most polls are signifying an Obama win.  I feel kind of like I do the day of a Duke-Carolina basketball game.

Our small group is pretty evenly split, and there are a few people who are passionate about both sides (or maybe passionately against both sides might be more apt), so I posted on our Facebook group today that I didn’t want anyone to even mention the election results.  Ashley suggested that we pray for the winner at the end of the night, which I thought was a good idea.

We shall see what happens.

Zach Dotsey