I’ve started P90X three times before, I think, with this being my fourth.  The longest I ever went was three weeks, and after week three you move on to a different set of videos.  Well, today I did the X Stretch workout for the first time.  There were a few stretches that really pushed me, but I’m pretty flexible and didn’t feel like I got as much out of it as I do all the other workouts.  That’s not a knock on it, because I did feel it was useful.  I just didn’t work up a sweat or anything.

And to clarify, I’m not doing the workouts six days a week; only five.  Add in that I missed a week because of my cold, and I’m a bit behind schedule, but I am keeping up with it.pi

Amanda took Milly out to pick out her own Christmas ornament.  Milly told us she was going to get a princess one, and true to her word she brought home a Cinderella.  I had to keep telling her she couldn’t take it out to play with.

The Warkentiens came over tonight.  Amanda fixed enchiladas and they brought brownies and ice cream, which we didn’t busy out until the kids went to bed.

Milly’s getting to the point where she doesn’t mind playing with smaller kids, as evidenced by the fact that when she saw they were here she went to get Ada a princess dress to wear.  She and Eli spent some time playing MarioKart though.  He’s definitely better in that he was mostly able to stay on the track, but to her credit, Milly has played maybe once or twice before.

After the kids went to bed we played Ticket to Ride Europe, which was a free download this weekend.  I had trouble connecting, so I didn’t play the first game, but I did win the second.  We all played on our various devices.

After that we went to the living room and sat on the couches.  I watched a little bit of Carolina’s poor showing against Long Beach State, but the Heels ended up winning by 16 or so.  After that we watched Parks & Rec, but I was tired and fell asleep for a good portion of it.

When we were getting the kids ready for bed, Nick was lying in Milly’s bed and she told him he couldn’t sleep there.  He asked where he could sleep, and she said “In Mommy and Daddy’s bed with Mommy.”  Guess she wants a new dad or something.

I got a voicemail today drawing the drama that started on Facebook to a close this afternoon.

Zach Dotsey