Amanda, Milly and I had dinner with the Warkentiens tonight.  When we got there, Milly wanted to play with Eli and Ada’s new play kitchen, Eli wanted Milly to play with his monster trucks and Ada, after she decided Amy didn’t need to hold her, wanted to play in the kitchen with Milly.  Of couse it all changed around here and there.  At one point I put How Bad Can I Be from The Lorax on my phone and Milly and Eli went nuts.  They both ran all around the room singing “How ba-a-a-ad can I be?” as loud as they could.  I wish I hadn’t been playing it on my phone, because I’d have loved to get video of it.

After we got the kids down, they introduced us to a game called Blokus, which was pretty fun.  I lost the first badly, won the second one (with the best score of the night) and lost the third one.  Then we played a couple hands of Monopoly Deal and Amanda won both.

Other than that most of my day was taken up clearing up some issues with a recent website transfer.  Most of the time they’re extremely easy, but this one had some custom mail server settings.  Even that’s usually pretty easy to deal with, but for some reason I just could not find a working solution to what was going on.  I think.  I’m not totally sure because it was at least partially working.

Amanda took it easy, trying not to get sick.

Zach Dotsey