Woke up this morning to Amanda telling me that Bonnie and Dave’s cars had been broken into. Well, they hadn’t been broken into, but they’d been gone through as they hadn’t been locked. Turns out we’d forgotten to lock our cars last night too. I can see us forgetting the Escape, since we had just gotten back into town and were unloading it, but it’s almost second nature to lock the Jetta. I was surprised by that.

Fortunately all the person took was change. They left my stereo, a power converter, CDs, a GPS or something in Bonnie’s car…they were solely after money. And I’d just added a buck and some change to the coin collection in the Escape yesterday.

Bonnie was talking to a cop, so I did too, and while we were talking a lady from down the street drove up and said she’d been hit too, and had the previous Sunday as well. Sat least the person isn’t smashing windows or anything. I almost wonder if it’s just some bored kid.

Between that and a couple things I had to take care of this morning, I didn’t get my workout in. I’m already missing it though.

Went to the bank and got a new handle for our storm door. I’ve gotten so used to just pushing that door open that I almost smacked into it a couple times before I got used to having to use the lever to open it.

Milly got one around 2. W played a bit. She brought the bride Barbie with her and wanted her to marry her Woody doll, then they had to have a story where they lived happily ever after before she’d go upstairs for her rest. She was out until a little after 5.

Amanda made quiche and biscuits for dinner. Milly wasn’t too big on trying egg pie, but she ate it all. Amanda told her that when she was a little girl she loved it when Nana made egg pie. Milly said when she was a little girl she didn’t like egg pie.

Milly watched most of The Fox and the Hound this evening. I told her Pap had taken me to see that movie when I was little. I’m pretty sure he did anyway. I have a vague memory of it.

Amanda and I watched the season finale of American Horror Story. I like the format they used to wrap it up, which was through a retrospective interview with Lana, one of the characters. I kind of guessed a few things that happened, but it had the feeling of a good ending.

W also watched an SVU. After Amanda went to be I watched a few comic cartoons on Netflix. Marcel’s movies may generally be better than DC’s, but DC does a great job with the animated features and shorts.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned our air conditioning situation or not, but Gavin fixed our AC this weekend while we were gone. He replaced the old thermostat with a nice new digital one, which miraculously fixed all our issues. Yesterday we couldn’t really get much warm air out of it, ut after talking to him today I turned it up more than it needed to be and the house warmed up nicely. I think it’s because the thermostat is in a pretty cramped area of the hallway, so it warms up there before it does the rest of the house. It should all work out fine. W just have to make it think we want it to run higher than very actually do.

Cobb wasn’t walking around with his mouth open today, so that’s good.  I was afraid we’d need to take him to the vet or something.

Zach Dotsey