Milly came into our room at about 1:30 this morning and told us she wanted to go downstairs to watch TV.  She was very upset that we wouldn’t let her do that.  I was sitting on the floor holding her and explaining it to her and, tired, I told her she could get in bed with us.  Or maybe Amanda did.  Either way, she slept with us for most of the night.  Keep in mind that we didn’t get in bed until sometime after midnight after playing Catan with Reece and Stephanie.

Anyway, I thought Milly mainly did alright.  She did put her knees in my back at some point, and I think she scratched my back.  At another point Cobb sat on her to sleep, but he later moved next to me.  I was pinned in by him on one side, Milly on the other and Harvey at my feet.  Amanda didn’t fare as well with Milly.  I can’t remember exactly how she described Milly sleeping on her other than it didn’t sound comfortable.

I got up around 5:00 again.  One of my clients was having an email issue, so I went to look into that more.  Milly got up around 6:30 or 6:45 as she likes to do these days.  Amanda told me she would have stayed in bed longer except that she wanted to know where I was.  Maybe, but I doubt it.

Milly and I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch together and played for a bit.  We also set up the new printer together, and in the process I decided to move some things around in the office.  Milly and I pretended that the box my lighting kit came in was a boat, and we used boxes the tripods that came with it came in were paddles.  She said we were paddling to New York City.  I don’t know what it is, maybe Enchanted, but she talks about New York a lot.

Amanda got up at some point and Milly and I wrapped a present for Dakota and a present for Callie.  Callie’s birthday party is tomorrow and Dakota’s, I thought, was this morning, so we went over to Eric’s for that.

When we got there I was surprised not to see any other cars.  Turned out that the party is next week and they were finishing up breakfast.  Eric invited us in anyway, so he, Amanda and I sat around talking for a while as Milly played with Dakota and Indy.  I was a little surprised how much attention she gave Indy because Milly’s usually not too into younger kids.  Indy’s older than other younger kids like Ada and Brynn though.

Amanda wanted to get a nerd short or two for my birthday party next week, so she had the idea of stopping at Cape Fear Games to see if they had any game shirts or anything.  They didn’t, but we spent some time looking at games.  Milly enjoyed looking at the boxes and asking about them.  She even recognized Quirkle when she saw it.  After that we had lunch at Firehouse Subs.

I had the idea of checking Fanboy Comics for some shirts.  They didn’t have much that Amanda could wear, but I got a Captain America shirt and Amanda got a Walking Dead shirt.  I got Milly a My Little Pony comic.  Apparently it’s wildly popular and outsold Batman, which is in a great story arc.

We thought we’d make one more stop at Old Navy to see if we could find anything for Milly and ended up getting her a Supergirl shirt with a cape you can velcro on.

While we were looking around Milly was sort of playing ball with a little boy.  He was probably two- old enough to walk, but didn’t seem to be talking much.  On the way out Mill asked for a bouncy ball, but neither of us had a quarter.  The father of the boy saw that and bought one for her, which I thought was really nice.

Milly put her Supergirl shirt and cape on and for the rest of the day she was Supergirl.  After her rest I showed her pictures of Supergirl and tried to find some YouTube clips of JLA episodes or something, but there wasn’t much to be found.  JLA isn’t on Netflix either, which was a little surprising given how many DC comic movies they’ve got.  I put Allstar Superman on for her, thinking she might like it since there’s a part where Lois Lane gets Superman’s powers.  She watched it for a good long while.

Early this morning I found that one of the pegs holding up one of the shelves in one of our cabinets had broken, and that somehow prompted Amanda to reorganize the entire kitchen.  She did a great job, I’ll give her that, but I’m wondering how long it’s going to take me to remember that the cereal and bread are one cabinet to the right of where they used to be.

Between my new chair, the new printer and the lighting kit I got the other day there were a lot of large cardboard boxes around the house, so I loaded all of them and the rest of the recycling up to get rid of.  I also went to buy some new legs for the one that broke in the cabinet.  I looked in the grocery store just to try to save myself a trip, but I ended up having to go to Lowe’s anyway.

There was a lot of picking up that went on throughout the afternoon, though I mixed it in with watching NC State play at Carolina.  State ended up losing, though they made it interesting up until the last five or so minutes of the game.

Before that game Miami at Wake Forest was on.  Wake Forest was 11-14, 4-9 in conference, though to their credit they’ve played tough and had some close losses at home.  Miami was undefeated in the ACC, but they’ve had some close calls in their last few games.  Well, things finally broke the other way for both teams and the Demon Deacons won, and convincingly at that, 80-65.

Nick and Tristen came over with pizza for dinner.  Milly had us all playing with her blanket. We were holding corners or sides and she put stuff on it then instructed us on different things to do with them.  She was really entertained.

After she went to bed we all watched Sinister.  Honestly, I was in and out of consciousness, having messed up my sleep schedule recently.  From what I did make of it, it had some nice visuals and some freaky moments.  The story was somewhat original and I did say I’d be upset if the ending happened to me.

Nick and Tristen stuck around for a little bit when Amanda found Bill Cosby “Himself” was on.  They’d never seen it.  We stayed up and watched the whole thing after they took off.

Actually, I just found out that the entire thing is on YouTube, so enjoy it if you like.

Zach Dotsey