Milly had a pretty fun day today.  She woke up and hung out downstairs for a bit, which is kind of standard.  When I got up she went upstairs and decided to put on a concert for me and a couple of her toys with her microphone stand.  While she was doing that I got a bunch of her dolls and lined them up like they were watching her, which she seemed to get a kick out of.  She then spent a bit of time playing with some other toys she brought downstairs to the living room after having me “flat out” her Tiana blanket.

Karen came and took her to the arboretum, Atlanta Bread and the movie theater to see Despicable Me 2.  Milly was very excited about having seen it when she got back and told me all about it.  Karen told me she got her some popcorn, but Milly later told me and Amanda that she also had Gummies and Hi-C, although she also had Hi-C at Atlanta Bread, so maybe she crossed those two.

Milly was pretty tuckered out when she came home, so she decided to take a rest in my and Amanda’s room, though first she had to get a bunch of toys to play with in the bed.  It was pretty much covered.  I could hear her talking and singing with her toys from downstairs, so I set up the iPad to record her for a bit.  It was cute, but a big chunk of the time was spent just putting shoes on the dolls.

When I went to retrieve the iPad she asked if she could watch Ruby Gloom, which used to be her favorite thing to watch, though it’s been a while.  I told her she could, but she’d have to clean all the toys off the bed first.  She tried to reason with me that they wanted to stay there, but I convinced her without too much trouble that she needed to go ahead and take care of it.  When she came downstairs I asked if she’d cleaned the bed off and she said she had put them all in her Sofia sleeping bag and they were all playing in there.  Sure enough, she’d had the smarts to put them al in her sleeping bag and take them to her room.  Of course, they weren’t put up, but I was impressed.

Milly has picked Amanda to spend two minutes with her when going to bed more frequently lately (and telling whoever she picked that they won), but she picked me tonight.  She leaned over into my lap at one point and I rubbed her back and told her that when she grows up and gets a boyfriend, she’d better make sure he appreciated how special and amazing she was.  She said, “Yeah, and beautiful and cute, too.”  I chuckled and added smart to the list.

My day wasn’t nearly as entertaining.  I dropped some checks off at the bank and stopped by Best Buy to look at Macbooks, as I’m thinking about getting one.  I’ll wait until tax free weekend though.  It’s only a couple weeks from now.  I don’t NEED need one, but it wold have been nice to have one on the Eurotrip and I’m going to be going to Kentucky for a few days in a few weeks.

I was deciding between a Pro and an Air.  The air is smaller, lighter and faster at some things, but the Pro has an optical drive, an HDMI output and is better for intensive things like Photoshop and Final Cut.  Now, I’ll probably use the iMac for those things anyway, but if I’m getting it for work I might as well make it so I can do all my work stuff on it.

I had a few phone calls to take care of and that was the bulk of my day.  I decided to reorganize my own website as it’s sorely in need of it, so I started on that too.

Dave Narron’s 50th birthday was today.  Milly drew a picture of herself, Dave and Bonnie (as well as Tinker Bell and her friend Iridessa) in a boat and with Amanda took it over to him.  Bonnie came over later with some leftover cake.

After putting Milly to bed Amanda and I watched this week’s Falling Skies and continued catching up on Parks & Rec.  Low key evening, overall, but most Mondays are.

Zach Dotsey