Picked up bagels form Atlanta Bread and had a picnic on the beach of sorts.  I surfed a bit.  It didn’t look like much when I went out there, and it was pretty small, but I used Blue and the waves were easy to catch and pretty fun.

When we got home, Ben and I made a run at playing disc golf, but it rained.  We ended up tied, both of us sitting at par after a whopping two holes.  When we got home after having left so shortly before I told Amanda that Ben and I decided that she and Jessica deserved to go ahead on out to the wine sampling they were planning on going to when we got back.

Milly and Graelyn watched Mu-Lan while Ben and I just took it easy.

After Amanda and Jessica got back we ate at Islands and had dessert at Fuzzy Peach.

After the kids were down we all sat on the porch for a while then played a game of Super Munchkin.  As usually happens with that game, undefined rules were discussed at length.  That’s actually part of the game.  It says in the rules if something isn’t covered you’re supposed to debate and argue.  Ben ended up winning, though I helped him.  I was nowhere close to winning, so I played some cards that helped him in the end.

Zach Dotsey