Karen took Milly to the Arboretum and Learning Express today, then they met with GG and GP and Anna for lunch at the mall.

I, meanwhile, don’t feel like I accomplished much, but I did work on my own site some more.

Amanda worked on watching the finale of The Bachelorette, or so she thought.  She stayed up late only to fin out that the finale is next week.

It rained a couple inches this afternoon.  When it rains hard I’ll often go sit out on the porch just to watch and listen to it.  I like doing that.  I don’t like it when the wind blows the rain up onto the porch, which is what happened today, so I didn’t stay out long.

PJ Hairston, the Tar Heels’ leading scorer, got in trouble yet again last night.  He was going 93 in a 65 and is now indefinitely suspended from the team.  The issue isn’t that he was speeding (and driving recklessly, weaving around cars at high speeds), but that he has been in so much other trouble over the summer.  Given the issues he’s been having, one would think he’d lay low and try to let things settle, but no.  The guy is either stupid, careless or both.  It’s about time Coach Roy Williams took some action though.  Of course, how many games PJ will actually miss is unknown at this time.  Even a lot of Carolina fans are tired of his antics.

Zach Dotsey