iPad-instructingI took the Steak in to First Quality Import, Dave’s shop, for an inspection and oil change at 9:00 today.  Another lady, Pat, a friend of Bonnie’s from her church, came in shortly after we did.  Milly had the iPad and spent most of the time instructing Miss Pat how to play the games she has on it.  Milly was very well-behaved and I gave Pat plenty of opportunities to get a break from Milly, but she seemed to be enjoying my daughter.

I decided to get an early lunch on the way home and stopped at Subway.  Milly didn’t want a sandwich, but we did share chips and a drink.  I let her pick our table and she picked a two-seater out of the way towards the back.  She noticed a hole in a ceiling tile and asked me what was up there.  I told her I didn’t know and suggested she make up a story about it, which she did.  It had something to do with “once upon a time” and a princess.  I don’t remember all the details, but it ended up with a slide out of the front of the store that was really fun.  I think the princess slept for a thousand hours at some point too.

Work seems to be starting to pick back up.  I’ve got a few minor things to do and a pretty good lead.

Amanda made chicken pot pie tonight, which Milly agreed to eat, but she changed her mind come dinner time.  She ended up in the corner twice before she’d eat any of it, and once she did she actually admitted it was good (though she only ended up taking the five previously agreed-upon bites anyway).

She also wanted to watch Wall-E as a family, so we did that.  It’s such a good movie.

Amanda finished up the photobook tonight.  I helped some, but it was pretty much all her.

Zach Dotsey