We did the standard Sunday thing: got up, went to church, went to Atlanta Bread for breakfast, went to Islands for taco dinner.  We did some things in between too though.

Milly donating to Stuff the BusFor church itself, we took the school supplies Amanda and Milly bought for Stuff the Bus, the program to donate goods to less fortunate kids.  They decided to let the kids take the supplies to the bus (there was a bus parked outside the church with boxes in it for the donations) during their time in Grow Zone so they could see what it’s like to give.  Milly was looking forward to seeing the bus.  In the picture here, she’s walking through the lobby of the church and eying the bus she seems outside.  She’s also carrying the bag of supplies, which is nearly as big as she is.

largest roachWe went to Target after breakfast to get Milly a thermos.  They thought about picking one up when they went shopping a couple days ago, but didn’t.  On the way in we saw the largest roach I’ve ever seen.  It had to be nearly dead because it wasn’t moving very much and looked to be missing some pieces, but it was still alive.

Inside Target I purposely took Milly past the section with Tar Heels clothes.  When I made her notice it she ducked her head down and refused to look at it.  She grumbled, “Just don’t look that way.”  Have I done an awesome job or what?

We got home and hung out for a bit until Amanda and Milly were ready to go to the beach.  I decided not to go because I got a little burned yesterday.  It wasn’t bad, but there were a few spots on the top of my shoulders, back and forehead where I hadn’t reapplied the sunscreen very well.  Even though it wasn’t terrible, it didn’t feel very comfortable when we were in the heat, like when we were walking through the Target parking lot, so I just stayed home.

It ended up raining here pretty hard for a minute.  It didn’t at the beach, but Amanda said there was thunder and lightning, so they didn’t stay out long and ended up going to Surfberry.  They came home and a little while later we had dinner at Islands.

Milly was pretty entertaining.  We ate, as we usually do now, in the newer section.  She asked something about why they had this part, and we told her it was because it gets crowded a lot and they needed extra space and that people can have parties in it too.  Milly looked around and then told us, “If someone’s in love, they can have a date here.”

Amanda started asking Milly about dates, and Milly said she’d go on a date with Eli, but she had to have a pink and purple dress with yellow, so we figured Jenn could make that.  When the time comes.  (I just tried to imagine a teenage Milly going on a date and just about had a panic attack.)

Zach Dotsey