With the gas turned off, there was little or no hot water in the basement where I was staying in Pat and Peggy’s house, so I took a shower in their shower this morning.  It’s a very nice one with lots of room and a bench.  When I get around to getting another house, it should have that at the very least.

We went to Baba’s apartment, where Terry was cleaning Baba up a bit, giving her a haircut and all.  Something was said about getting her a scarf, so Dad and I went to the mall to get her one.  He stopped and picked up a UK shirt and hat while we were there and we both got a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

We stopped back at Baba’s briefly then he and I and Tom and Terry went to the grocery store to get things for a cookout at Steve’s.  We swung back by to get Baba then everyone but Dad and I headed on out to the farm.  He and I went to go see Mary Jo.

She was actually pulling up as we got to her door.  We were talking to her when she said something about going to Spain, so Dad said I should go get my Eurotrip photobook.  While I was out there Gennaro, Christian’s husband, pulled up with their twins.  I went in with the three of them, Gennaro left for work and we talked some more with Mary Jo and played with the twins.

After that we headed out to the farm where Steve works.  Aunt Beth and her husband were there, and she spent a good bit of time looking at my Instagram pictures.  I pulled that gallery up on Facebook because she wanted to see pics of Milly and I knew there’d be plenty in there.

HornersWe also got to talk to Elizabeth and her boyfriend while we ate burgers and hotdogs and such.  Felicia and her boyfriend showed up, but it was after the arrival of the Horner kids.

My cousin Francis had texted my dad saying he wanted to come down for a visit while we were in Kentucky.  The next day he said all five of them were coming.  I thought it was really incredibly cool that all my cousins decided to travel a couple hours to come see us while we were in town.  I don’t think I’ve seen them all together since Pup Pup’s funeral, which was back in 2006.

Anyway, I had a really great time catching up with so many of my cousins.  It’s really sad that I see them so little, not to mention how little I get to see the rest of my cousins either.  Too?  Too.

I didn’t know Baba was leaving when she left, so I didn’t get to actually say goodbye to her.  The Horner kids took off after a while then Dad and I dropped Terry off at Baba’s place, which is where she’d been staying.  She has a flight out tomorrow, Tom the next day I think.

Dad and I sat on the back porch at Pat and Peggy’s for a bit before heading off to our rooms.  He plans to get an early start home tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey