At one point today, Milly was watching Cars.  There’s a three-way tie in the movie, and Milly asked Amanda what a tie was.  After Amanda explained the concept to her, Milly told her that a tie is also “when the water comes up at the beach and takes your sculpture away.”

They had another exchange later today.  Here’s Amanda’s account of it from what she posted on Facebook:

So Milly decided to clean her bedroom floor using the same method as the bathroom last week- pouring cups of water on the floor. She then came down stairs and sat on the couch. Below is the conversation that followed.

Milly: Well, now I have to wait for the floor to dry.

Me: Did you clean your floor?

Milly: Yep.

Me: Did you use too much water?

Milly: Well, let’s not talk about that right now.

Milly used her hand gestures along with it, putting both of her palms almost vertically up and moving her hands up and down for a little emphasis.

Michael and Jenn have become the fill-ins for Kirsten when it comes to watching Milly on small group night.  Michael got here then Jenn, who was still working when we left I believe, got there later.

Tonight was the first time small group has been pretty full for a while, which isn’t uncommon during the summer months.  We pretty much just talked, which we planned for tonight since Nick just got back from his apologetics training at Cross Examined.  It ended up as it usually does on such nights with the girls sitting at the kitchen table and the guys in the living room.  We had some pretty good conversation though.  And apparently the ladies came up with some sort of babysitting exchange agreement, so we’ve got a date night coming up at some point and a bunch of kids coming over some other night.

Zach Dotsey