Slept downstairs last night, woke up and got to work early.

While holding Milly today I noticed how much she’s growing up.

Busy day.  I picked up a bunch of Little Caesar’s pizzas that we sold for a fundraiser for Milly’s school.  The fridge and freezer are packed full with boxes of pizza.  Milly and I got McDonald’s for lunch since it’s right next to her school then went by Amanda’s work to drop off some of the orders.

We also all had dentist appointments today, so we went by Barry’s office for that.  I got a Sonicare toothbrush.  My gums are slightly receding and it’s supposed to help with that.

I left from there and went to a meeting which was right next to Christen’s office.  She was outside talking to someone, so I talked to her for a few minutes.

When I got back home Amanda left for the Wine Sampler with Jennifer Sawyer then go to a clothing swap at the Warkentiens’.  Milly was asleep.  Tristen and Stephanie met over at our house and came in to say hi.  Not expecting anyone at the door, I was using the bathroom upstairs.  Nobody saw anything, but it was joked about.

Milly and I went to Cici’s Pizza, where we met up with the Warkentiens and Masons, sans the wives/moms.  The kids ate then played on a coin operated rocket (without any coins) then played on the arcade games (again, without really using them).  Amy came to pick up Ada.

After that we all went to Ten Pen Alley, where they have dollar shoes and dollar games on Thursdays.  It was awesome.  After every bowl (or throw or roll, depending on which kid did what), Milly and Callie would cheer and they’d all hug.  Milly would also do a little spin and dance every time she rolled the ball.  I timed her go one time and it took at least 45 seconds to get all the way down the lane. They all had fun though.  We talked about making it a regular thing.

Callie Milly Eli Bowling

I went home and got Milly to bed and Nick took Eli home then came back over to the house to hang out since the clothing swap was still going on.  We just sat on the porch for a while and drank a couple beers.

After he left and everyone had picked up their cars I ran out and did an errand for Amanda.  I’d meant to drop something off for her when I was in town and had forgotten, so I went back out and did it.

Zach Dotsey