Bruce died a year ago today.  When we were leaving Amanda’s parents’ house on Saturday, I stopped as we were pulling out of the driveway to, I don’t know, talk for a sec I guess.  Honestly, I was so busy today that I didn’t get to dwell on it much, but I really miss our little guy.

Milly had some attitude issues this morning.  It mainly stems from just not listening to us when we tell her to do something, but she ended up in the corner before getting a bath and heading off to school.  She was good the rest of the day for me, though she was giving Amanda a little attitude later too.  They had a chat about it.

Last night I added all the songs with words from Frozen to Milly’s Spotify list.  When I let her listen to it today she was very excited and listened to all of the songs.  She listened to them again late in the afternoon and even sang along a little.  Of course, I’ve now got a few of them jumbled up and stuck in my head.

Zach Dotsey