Milly asked about snowflake looking frost that was on the car this morning.  Told her maybe Elsa stopped by since she has seen Frozen three times now.

Got progress report from school.  Milly’s doing very well.  Only thing I was surprised about was that it said she didn’t seem interested in stories, which is odd because she is constantly asking me and Amanda to make some up for her.  Amanda asked Milly about it and it seems Milly let other kids answer questions.  She’s not the best listener and she’s not terribly interested in writing, though she can do all her letters, which we know.  It also said she was very sweet and very good at interacting with other kids.  No surprise there.

Amanda got blood drawn for thyroid stuff.  Confusion over insurance coverage at first, but a very nice lady at BCBS helped her out.

Small group was kind of giggly tonight.  Anna and Kirsten watched Milly.  They made cupcakes that they said Milly piled sprinkles onto to the point that they were laughing about it.

Zach Dotsey