The first thing I learned about turning 37 I actually learned last night during a birthday party.  It wasn’t the lesson I was expecting to learn.

Last night, several friends came out to the Carolina Ale House for my birthday.  Milly was there until Amanda came to pick her up at 7:30.  (Thanks for coming back into town for that, Amanda.)  She had a really good time drawing pictures of Tristen, Torrie and Lisa as princesses.  From left to right, Lisa is a mermaid, Torrie has a crown and Tristen is in a tutu and is holding a wand.

But anyway, what I learned about turning 37 came later in the evening.  I indulged myself a bit, you see.  Back in the day, I’d go to Outback now and then and get an order of cheese fries, an Alice Springs chicken and a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, which is a nice warm brownie with ice cream on it.  Love it.

Last night I had cheese fries, two tall Blue Moons, a chicken finger wrap and, as a birthday surprise, a huge ice cream and whipped cream covered brownie.  A few people had a few small bites, but I ate most of it by myself.

I regretted it before we left the restaurant.  I felt bloated all the rest of the night.  Like, super bloated.  I felt that if I could just get a good enough burp out I’d be free of so much pressure.  Or maybe if I threw up, but after a while I could feel the whole mass was deeper in my bowels and that wouldn’t have been as good an option.  When I went to bed I tossed and turned.  I couldn’t stretch because it felt like if I did I was going to rip apart.

So what was the first lesson I learned upon turning 37?

The lesson I learned was that I can’t eat like I’m 20 anymore.

That said…

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