It’s been pointed out to me by a couple people that while I’m sitting here asking people to help me with paying for legal fees, I’ve got a post about going to Cozumel a little down the page.  There are also pictures of me going to concerts and such over the past year.

Let’s first discuss trips I’ve taken.

Labor Day

For Labor Day last year, I went to Baltimore and Washington, DC.  I stayed with my sister, Erin, for all but one night of that trip.  The one night I didn’t stay with her, I stayed in a hotel in Washington, DC.  I didn’t pay anything for that stay because it was covered by points accrued on my credit card (many of which came from legal fees).

We didn’t do anything in Baltimore (and the Baltimore suburb where Erin lives) that required money aside from going out to eat.  We walked around the city a bit, took in a free movie on a lawn.

In DC we walked around the National Mall and went to free museums.  We also went to the free National Zoo.

The trip was made in a hybrid car, so gas expenditures were as low as they could be.


I bought the tickets for the trip to Cozumel before I knew I was going to need a lawyer.  I didn’t spend a penny on the trip because it was an all-inclusive.  I didn’t buy myself any souvenirs.


My dad and his brothers, Kentucky fans (except for Uncle Bernie, who crossed over to the Louisville side several years back) had tickets to the Final Four.  When UK’s perfect season was ruined in the Final Four game and Duke beat Michigan State to make it to the championship game, my dad texted me and asked if I’d like the tickets, so of course I said yes.

I got an impromptu group together and we headed off to Indy the next day.  My friends paid for gas and one of them had a brother with a spare hotel room that we got to stay in for free.  I spent maybe $30 on parking and food.


I’ve been to a number of converts in the last year.  I’ve seen Old 97’s, One Republic and Mumford and Sons.  I went to the Modern Rock Fest and I’ve seen the symphony twice.  I’ve got tickets to see Fall Out Boy next month.  Of all of those shows, the only one I paid for was Old 97’s.  And that was before I knew I needed to get a lawyer too, if I remember correctly.

So there you have it.  Yes, I’ve gone out and done fun things.  I haven’t paid for much of it, and certainly not enough that I think anybody should be up in arms about it.  I won’t go into details about my finances here, but I’ve been extremely careful about my expenditures.